NL Auto at day 64 - good or some deficiency?

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  1. Two l autos from nirvana at day 64 from seed...looking like some type of deficiency by those purple leaves? I also notice that the smell isn't quite as good as it was a few weeks ago..thoughts? Temps were un mid 80s so i uooed the ac in the room anf are now at 77..humidity just under 3 gallon smart pots with happy frog and perlite..using pH balanced water and botanicare bloom nutes at 1/4 strength every other watering. Two plants each under their own marshydro 300 on 18/6

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  2. It looks like it didn't have enough n when you started out

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  3. It's a little late to add more nitrogen now but I'm thinking your botanicare bloom booster left a little to be lacking in the nitrogen department.

    If you want to supplement with a single bottle I highly recommend GH floranova bloom. It's 4-8-7. You won't go nitro deficient using it. It also has as much cal/mag as most cal/mag supplements already in the bottle. It's made hydroponics a lot easier for me. I veg and bloom with it. It's $19 a quart locally.
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  4. It's not just purple it's light green and yellow all over. It's probably slightly starving for everything a bit including some phosphorus but just phosphorus deficiency looks more like either blotches or almost like nutrient burn. It doesn't uniformly color the whole leaf surface like that when just the phosphorus is missing. He's missing more then that. Basically the plant is starving. It could be because of more reasons then just it not being fed enough but that's the most likely reason.

    That is chlorosis. The plant is consuming it's own stores of nitrogen and the chlorophyll along with it.

    This is phosphorus deficiency. Cannabis Phosphorus Deficiency - See the Symptoms & Get the Solution! | Grow Weed Easy
  5. According to the pics on growweedeasy it's a Molybdenum deficiency. Check it out.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I went very light on nutrients at everyone's suggestion and didn't actually start anything until late week 6. I didn't see any signs of deficiency either early on. I just watered today and gave bloom nutes and so Cal mag. What adverse affects do the deficiencues have?..lower yield I assume is #1?
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  7. If it doesn't have enough nutrients it will feed from itself. I found the best way to gauge how much a plant eats even without a ec or ppm meter. Is to slowly bump the nutrients up over a period of time. Your plants will tell you when it don't want more. Some are just more heavy feeders and some light. Every strain is different and every plant is different. Less is always more but in this case it was abit way to less.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  8. Good info..going to let it run its course...stuff should stI'll be amok able right?
  9. Also..if this is still smokable, how much longer would you say she has until I chop her?

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