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NK:The time for pacifism has long passed

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by kush70, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. the bullshit has to stop here with north korea
    pacifism is a wonderful DREAM but NOT reality , sanctions are a fuking joke....
    time to take care of business and remove that scumbag
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  2. It has nothing to do with their leader.. Their leader is just as big of a hostage as the people that live there. The problem is the corruption fueled by the big business interests that basically run and bankrupt the country.

    Equating Kim's involvement in the process is like saying "Donald Trump is making us go to war" ... Reality, is that a fuckload of people, stand to make a fuckload of money, if America goes to war and so if any opportunity to go to war comes up, their immediate response is, "Yes."
  3. it has EVERYTHING to do with their leader

    open your eyes
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  4. Ok. I'll entertain your idea. Why does it have everything to do with their leader?
  5. Going to war is an incredibly stupid idea. It's expensive in lives, money and time. Case in point the gulf war fiasco. More then that with so many countries being nuclear powers diplomacy is the only way.

    North Korea needs dramatic escalated rhetoric to draw in countries like the US to legitimize their fight against the man. By getting into it with North Korea we give them what they need to pull the very shit we want them to stop pulling.

    Sure we could wipe out North Korea with minimal effort in one shock and awe preemptive strike. Can we? Ya. Should we? No. We feed that fat fucks paranoia by doing the things we are doing. We create the very monster we are trying to stop with th action we have currently taken.

    Another thing about that fat fuck and North Korea, they may push boundaries but they will never out right attack someone as it would results in a complete and total bankrupting and loss of their country.

    We just need to stop sticking our nose into other people's business. We invariably find some way to fuck up a situation like this and make it worse.
  6. we did not create the monster it has always been there

    the monster needs to be destroyed period ...
  7. It's not pacifism that's staying America's hand here, it's a strategic stalemate. Yes North Korea would lose any war, but they could take the best part of South Korea with them. They could hurt Japan as well.

    Everyone (including many North Koreans) believes it would be better for North Korea to cease to exist as a state. The trouble is there's no military solution that is worth it at the moment. That's why economic warfare and diplomatic efforts have been front and center for decades.
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  8. Have you guys saw Trump's response to this? He is going to begin selling weapons to South Korea and Japan.. Like.. I can't even..
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  9. What is wrong with that? Are you talking about the THAAD?
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  10. I'm skeptical that the THAAD alone will be sold.
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  11. Even if it isn't, what is the issue?
  12. What's wrong with America selling weapons to solid, trustworthy allies?
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  13. some of what you say is true, like war being a big business. but you are an absolute fool if you say their current leader and the leaders before him havent enslaved their fucking people and built up their military arsenal in the hopes of becoming a feared power in the global arms race. they could easily build up their military in a non threatening way like most countries do. but when you blatantly threaten another country while showing off your weapons, i think that makes it pretty obvious that it has a lot to do with their leadership and not just the economy and circumstance.
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  14. Japan has constantly had territorial disputes with China. My opinion is that we either war the shit out of them or don't.. Putting out all sorts of potential liabilities on top of the liability that exists in NK is a big problem. We've already saw what happens when we arm potential allies and 20 years later end up going to war against them.

    At first, yes, but the problem has become perpetuated by the powers behind the military alone. Again, a great example is America; right now, Trump is letting the military dictate it's own actions and wasn't even aware that the MOAB was being dropped until it was.
  15. Well Japan has an extremely small military and there are strict controls about what they can use it for. South Korea has a very large active military, but they are engaged mainly in defense against North Korea, obviously. What liability is there in supplying these countries with modern military technology? Comparing South Korea and Japan to the Mujahideen thing is apples to oranges.
  16. I hope so.
  17. North Korea is like the retarded neighbor kid throwing rocks and yelling at the other kids. Sure, its annoying but one swift punch and they will stop for good. It worked for me and it could work for the US. Well it worked temporarily, the kid grew up to be a rapist and a stalker but since he was retarded he always got off with a slap on the wrist. Maybe we shouldn't take my advice on this, I hate politics and I want to see all governments fail.
  18. Ask the people of Syria and Iraq who have endured unimaginable horrors at the hands of the US armed "allies" Saudi Arabia what they think.

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