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  1. ne1 bored in nj????
  2. Anyone not bored in NJ? =P
  3. Yeah jersey! I'm from the Red Bank/Asbury Park area!
  4. My brother is living out in that area now, he was living in... blah, i forget but it was this annoying religious christian community or something, now he's in Deal.
  5. nothing to do round her except make fun of bennies
  6. Jersey isnt as bad as people make it out to be. But its def. not my top pick for a state to live in. Im rep'n Bergen County.
  7. morris county..
  8. hunterdon county, but you know that already, dont you kelly. ;P
  9. Woot, mercer county.
  10. Im mercer too.:wave:
  11. Deal, man....talk about fuckin bennies! That's right by me. It's all kids from Monmouth there fall-spring, and damn new yorkers in their million dollar UGLY ASS mansions for the summer. Nice beaches, tho. Great for surfing (or watching surfers, as i do :love: ).
  12. Anywhere near hamilton?

    Heh, I was going to move there this summer but things came up and I ended up deciding against it. I randomly take trips out there every once in a while and hang in his apartment. Btw... wtf is a benny? heh
  13. Bennys are the NY and north jersey people who take over the shore towns during the summer. People who come in, pick fights with the locals, and pretend like they own the place or are somehow more entitled to things because this is their vacation spot.

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