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  1. u think it will ever be legal in new jersey. how.can we help it become legal in all of us
  2. we need to work towards getting a majority vote on legalization in nj, if the people want it the state will listen, power in numbers.
  3. well how could we get started I say somebody starts a website of some sort where all people from states can join than show that we at all for it. we should atleast start a form for people in nj about this
  4. yeah ill agree with u on that we should get something goin at least in the GC community to work towards that or at least find ppl that are already doing it, the relatively first few states to legalize will see the biggest economic benefit as far as industry and retail go, business and jobs will be created and ppl from around the tri state area will flock in numbers for the gowing business that would accompy legalization, not to mention our farmers in the south could get to work on building up wat will become an extremely large industry based upon hemp. we need to be on the forefront of legalization for us and the rest of the east coast to benefit, it will eventually become legal the number of users and ppl for legalization grow every year and it is only the older generations that are holding us back, so why not push for it now if we stand to gain so much from doing it before the rest of the country follows thru.
  5. What I would think you'd need to do would first get a website going to rally some show of support. Next you'd have to find some sponsors/get donations to put towards a proper campaign. Find a suitable person in government who will support your cause. If you get that far, congrats :hello: you can probably figure out what to do from there. Getting started would be the hardest part, but so worth it if you get moving.
  6. well i do know norml has a chapter in new jersey and im lookin to join the ssdp chapter at my school so i guess thats a start. id love to have my own website and such, however being a engineering student with a job on the weekends doesnt exactly leave me with any free time sadly, i barely get around to tokin.

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