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NJ Voters

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Firelli, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I received my sample ballot in the mail the other day. It's for the County of Morris Official Primary Election for Governor. The election here is for tomorrow, Tuesday June 2nd. I emailed all the candidates for Governor about their opinion on Medical Marijuana and Decriminalization. So far I received two responses from the possible seven people running.

    The questions:
    Do you think it is OK to let sick people use marijuana as a medicine if they would choose to do so? and Do you think that people who use marijuana responsibly in general are criminals?

    The replies:

    Republican Steve M. Lonegan:
    "Yes and no they are criminals."

    Democrat Carl A. Bergmanson:
    I support the Medical Marijuana bill, and I also support decriminalization of recreational marijuana use. Here is a link to a press release we sent out yesterday on this very subject:
    Thanks again for your interest in my campaign, and no matter who you decide to vote for tomorrow, please remember to vote!

    Anyone else from NJ know anything about the candidates? Feel free to add input.
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    That's good info on Lonegan, no votes for him! Any ideas on where Chris Christie stands? I've gotten three or more phone calls for that guy recently, from Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and someone else I don't remember off hand. OK, found it, he's against the current Medical Bill, which is already EXTREMELY tough, and would make getting legal very, very difficult unless you were nearly dead. Like a lot of 'have it both ways' politicians, he says he's for it, but the current bill is too lax!!

    To the best of my knowledge the current bill is stuck in the Assembly. It passed the State senate, and went to the Assembly, and it hasn't even been brought to the floor for discussion. (D) Herb Conaway (Delran) is the guy who evidently is holding it up.

    Here's his contact info from MPP:
  3. I just hope whoever does win supports cannabis :)
  4. It seems the assembly is having a hearing on the 4th! Let's get this made into law before any of these idiots get elected!

    Here's the NORML link to write your Assembly man to get them to vote for the bill.

    EVERYONE HERE FROM NEW JERSEY please follow this link and send an email to your assemblymen and let them know where you stand!

    Contact Officials - NORML

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