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NJ to Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Default, May 10, 2006.

  1. New Jersey to consider legalizing medical marijuana

    The Associated Press

    TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey would become the 12th state to legalize marijuana for people with debilitating medical conditions under a bill slated to be discussed next month by state lawmakers.
    Sen. Joseph Vitale, chairman of a Senate health panel, said he's scheduled a June 8 discussion to hear from experts on the bill proposed by Sen. Nicholas Scutari. Vitale said he supports the concept, but has questions.

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    Anyone who lives in NJ---fuck yeah!:hello::smoke:

  2. i have "cronic" fatigue syndrome.........i need some motivation.
  3. yeah i live in jersey, and i'm fucked up in the head. give me some bud.
  4. I'm glad that despite this current FDA bullshit, states are still considering legalizing for medical use. Thumbs up!
  5. yeah, i fucking hate the government. if you look at all the agencies that oppose it, they are all federal agencies. the federal government gave themsevles the authority to override state laws. so even if you are legally allowed to cary, the feds can still arrest you.

    tell me that's not fucked up. just another case of the desires of the few overriding the needs of the sick and the will of the many. but hey, it's all in the name of democracy right?
  6. I love this place
  7. I hear ya on that one. If this bill passes (it's looking good so far), all of that will most likely stop. BTW, anyone listen to 101.5 today and hear the jersey guys talk to that dude? haha, funny shit :D
  8. I fucking hate 101.5...stopped listening after all the shit went down with Gov. Cody's wife and how they were so inconsiderate about her post-partum depression.

    However, i fucking LOVE damn much, you have no idea. This would really be a huge step for us east-coasters. It'd also be great for my mom...she's going through chemo now and is having a lot of nausea because of it. I think she'd be all about it if the stuff became legalized, but right now she can't do anything to jeopardize her nursing license.

    I wish i could Rep+ New Jersey!!!!!
  9. i've heard many a story of headshops that had licesnes to sell medicinal marijana getting cracked down on. of doctors getting fined for prescribing it. the government doesn't want to admit that it's wrong again (remember the 20s?). that's why they are starting so much shit. it's obvious we dont want their laws. they should just butt the fuck out.
  10. Haha there's a New Jersey PRIDE post. :p I guess I found what the big deal is about our state now, hah. Well, is it hard to get a prescription to medical bud?
  11. damn this would really makeup fo that fuckin smoking ban
  12. But it is only for serious conditions, not like cali where if you get like bad allergies or stiff necks you can get bud. but there will probably be lax doctors or people will bullshit. This is still good anyway though,
  13. Step by step...
  14. by day...
  15. god damn i love new jersey. i am currently studying abroad in western australia and i miss nj so bad sometimes it hurts. if this passes i will be thrilled like you wouldn't believe.

    btw, if this happens, all the jersey crew in here need to get together and throw a big bash.......

    question - what effect (if any) would this have on bud prices in jersey? i always hear of people in cali getting sick stuff for dirt cheap because they got it through a cannabis club. would the same thing be likely to happen here?

    EDIT +rep for all the jersey crew in here
  16. call me naive, but how will legalizing medicinal marijuana benefit the rec smoker? the only short-term advantage i see is that it would be more available and maybe price will drop. but other than that i just really look at this as the next step to decriminalization. which is my dream.

  17. because once they have all states legalized med. it will be aloud to be studied more indepth w/ the patients over long-term use and will show how its not bad for you if u vap it or eat it for long term use and it will help get supporters for rec use too to the point where they say fuck it and let us have it
  18. yeah so like i said. it's just the next step (probably the most important step) to decriminalization.

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