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NJ sucks. I have a drug test tomorrow

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sensimil, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. in NJ, you cannot but any products such as formula one, or testclear etc..nothing will be sold at any shops that are for cleaning your system out. SO, I thought, let me get it shipped. well shit. I suppose I didnt think that one through. they wont ship to NJ either. NJ, you suck.
    Tomorrow, I have a drug test to take. I know for certain I am not clean. Im trying to flush my system out with what ive heard by the ways and means I have..lots of water, cranberry juice, and Ive also heard vitamin b and creatin. so Im going to town with all this stuff today...Im extremely worried that i wont pass...the only thing that is keeping me sane thorugh this is thinking of this new chick im hooking up with. ::shamless plug for new chick::
    well, no, really i am going insane worrying over this..NJ laws blow, kiss my ass, im pissed and have a love to smoke pot. god forbid
  2. see if you can't "be sick" tomorrow and reschedule it. And the vitamin B and stuff is so that there are enough chemicals in your urine. If there isn't enough they will suspect you've been supersaturating your system with water for some reason.

    edit: and exercise. The water doesnt actually get it out of your system, it just dilutes your urine until you get to levels that won't trigger the test. A form of THC stores in your fat cells and don't get cleaned out with water, but excercise will help get them out of your system. So go to the bathroom and turn the shower on hot to steam up the room and do jumping jacks for the next couple hours. And keep drinking water and taking vitaming B
  3. Don't drink too much water. It can dilute chemicals in your blood stream and make you sick. Or it can even kill you.
  4. heh youd have to drink ALOT of water to die, and im sure youd start feelin not so good long before it got to that point.....but yeah sounds like new jersey defintally sucks, thats gay they dont have cleansing products, i wonder why they dont allow them.
  5. got your pm hb..

    I got to postpone it until monday. Im just gonna have to do my best to keep flushing out my system. my boss called this morning and told me I must get it done monday, hes got me on the schedule this week for training and all next week, already.

  6. Ummm if your in jersey....why don't you take a quick tripp into Ny....... we don't care about over the counter sales of de-tox pills and drinks.......

    all it takes is one tunnel.... ;)
  7. Im pretty sure the b-12 is to keep your piss yellow. If youve been drinking a lot of fluids your pee turns clear and the b12 will make it yellow again like a ray of sunshine

  8. one tunnel and a car..
  9. Good luck, Sensi. I wish you would have known about it sooner, I could have mailed you one myself. They can't keep me from mailing "presents" to friends!!!

    Keep drinking water. THC is stored in your fat cells for sure but very slowly those chemicals are released back into your blood stream so drinking water will help flush your system. Your body can store 10 times as much THC in fat cells as it can in the blood. So, when your body starts the process of lipolysis which is where the fat is broken down into glycerol and fatty acids, you lose probably just a fraction of the THC as well and all of this goes through your bloodstream to the liver to be broken down even further. Granted, you won't have but a fraction of the saturation in your blood from this after you've quit smoking for a duration of time but it will be there. This won't be enough to detect but it's better to be safe than sorry and drink water. Especially if it is still in your blood system because you've smoked recently...and that's what matters since I know that you have been toking up.;)

    You lose approximately 10% of what's saturated in your blood per day.

    I just found this so I haven't actually used it myself but it may help others in determining if they can pass a test:

    "Here is a very crude calculator for whether or not you can pass a test:

    N * 100 * (0.9S)
    where N is the number of days you got high in the 10 days before stopping and S is the number of days since you stopped.
    If this sum is less than 50 then you should be alright to pass a test."

    I agree with HB about using someone elses urine. I've done it. Just pour it in a non-lubricated condom and tie it off and strap it to yourself. If you aren't putting off the body heat you need to, then get one of those Thermacare heat wraps and strap it to your body and keep it near that. Just don't let it get too hot.

    Good luck, Sensi...I wish that I could help you out, girl!!!
  10. its suppose to be less then 50? i got like 13000 and i doin it wrong? 10 days * 100 * (.9*14)......
  11. Actually, it's supposed to be N * 100 / (0.9S).

    Sorry about that.

  12. RUMJILLY! oh my!! huhhhh...uhuhhhh..huh!

    well girly, I was wondering about why the hell my numbers were WACKED out of scale! lol huh!

    hey girl, lol, not that I had to sweat it the numbers toooo much ;)
  13. run ~30 miles at a fast pace. that should get enough outta your system.

    and drinking water will kill you?

    where the hell did you hear that? its physically impossible to drink enough water to kill you, you stomach will fill up after like 1 or 2 gallons
  14. One more thing I would like to add to RMJL's post....

    If you eat some fatty foods with hot sauce 2-3 hours before you take the test, it will help...

    If your body is absorbing fat instead of releasing it, Then you won't have near as much in your blood stream...

    The hot sauce helps your body collect more water retainage!!

    More retainage... more diluted!
  15. You needed to be reminded of the laws to know NJ sucks? c'mon its pretty obvious. haha j/k......kinda
  16. sensimil, if i could id drive over there and piss fer you... but right now i got no car and im not the cleanest of people.... hope you pass it, i really do, im rootin fer ya!!
  17. I'm pretty sure her drug test is done and over with :D

    But for future reference, 400mg of Niacin works like a charm...just take that stuff the night before, go to the bathroom once before you go and you're set. (Bad side effects include: feeling all hot and itchy...but it is safe)
  18. You should get one of your friends to pee in a condom and take it in. Trust me if your friends clean you will be clean. But Niacin works also. Hey Hempy do you know if Niacin has side effects other than those.
  19. whoops, waesnt really paying attention to when she said it.. but it was there.... so.. umm.... did you pass!?!

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