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nj pickups [purp, sour, haze]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by phantom922, May 17, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    picked up a quarter of this for 110


    picked up a quarter of this haze for 85


    quarter nug of sour, 110

    All smoke good, favorite is the purp, wish I had better prices though.
  2. some dank shit for sure bro
  3. i wish i could ahold of some purp. good looking buds
  4. Yeah up in the tristate we get taxed crazy. 400 for an ounce usually
  5. man seein all this purp makes me want some so bad! nice nugs bro
  6. where you from in nj? im up north and can find some high quality dank os for 330
  7. Yea I get some dank for 400 but im definitely not complaining.

    Firekidt11 where in nj are you?
  8. Central Jersey.

    OP Where are you from ?
  9. the tri state is usually those prices.. thats a nice grab tho usually my best bags are similar to those ur connect is legit.

  10. Wow, 400/ounce is crazy...
  11. sick dudethe sour looks like it's glazed in crystal
  12. Yea over here in NY its about 400/oz but you can get it for 350-370 if you go to the right dealer, down in the bronx theres a police station that moves weight, dro for like 2500/lb
  13. bergen county up north. not that far from nyc and i live right by patterson
  14. 400 is a great price for shit like that in NJ, i pay 450 for stuff equally as good or less than that. Great buds mang

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