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  1. skip to red text to see my actual question instead of reading my possibly off-topic ramble before it.

    I think I love Phil Murphy:) The way he's wired.
    -Clean energy, stop trump from potentially drilling for oil off the NJ coast and instead build wind mill energy in the ocean.
    become total clean energy NJ by 2050

    -Tax the richest %1 and not the other classes (the richest %1 money is no object to them. The richest %1 of the world owns %99 of the world's wealth. Think about that. The richest %1 own %99 of the world's wealth)

    -Make minimum wage $15. Yes a lot of small companies are going to have to fire people or even go out of business but if they have less workers who actually work hard instead of two $9 workers on their phones half the time, then it works out and I do believe someone working at a Walmart register or stocking shelves or something like that deserves a decent pay (they honestly work harder than a lot of people with $60+K a year jobs).

    -equal pay for women

    -make public transit more affordable (it's honestly cheaper to take a f'kin airplane somewhere than it is to ride a train. Trains are the cleanest form of transportation [not counting electric cars I guess] and planes are the worst for emissions yet it's cheaper to take a plane or to just drive yourself).

    -tackle opioid. I grew up with so many just genuinely nice, regular kids that, after I wasn't really acquaintances to them anymore, I assume they tried it once or twice out of curiosity and now they are dead.

    -control deer population by spaying/neutering some of them so they're not over-populated and starving and freezing to death and drinking out of polluted rivers and puddles and eating grass on the side of the highway and getting hit by cars.

    Anyway, a lot of other similar things and I just like the way he thinks. And the legal marijuana thing.

    so anyway, I've been following NJ's road to legalization quite closely for the past 4 months or so.
    As it stands now, they're saying that by around Jan 1st 2019 is when you can basically walk into a store to buy weed.

    It changed from something along the lines of "within the first 100 days".
    When I first heard the 100 days thing, I did assume it meant stores would be open in 100 days, but then later learned that if the law is passed in 100 days it can take months and months before stores are actually opened.

    so anyway my main question is: I'm trying to hear it straight from Gov Murphy himself in video or interview about the 100 days thing. A lot of news articles quote him as saying basically that it would be legal within 100 days if he won, but I can't actually find a source or video of Murphy actually saying that. Where did the 100 days thing originate (with link to source if you know). I'm basically just trying to see if A) the news outlets exaggerated Murphy's claim for 100 days or if Murphy basically lied and now changed 100 days to about 365 days jan 2019.

    The earliest source about the 100 days thing that I can find is nj.com saying "Asked whether legal will happen in his first 100 days in office, Murphy told NJ Advance Media: "I don't want to marry myself to a particular day. But I would hope it's sooner than later."
    ^ that was Jan 15 2018, the day before murphy took office but was after he won the election. I'm not trying to paint a picture that murphy lied about weed just to get elected because the small minority of people who would vote him just for that isn't worth lying about, but I am just trying to get to the bottom of this and have searched for a few hours without finding the original source of him stating 100 days or not. I watched his entire inauguration speech on youtube (after he won), and his debate with the Kim Guadagno (before being elected) and he does mention he wants to legalize weed but never says anything about 'within 100 days'.
    All the other videos or quotes from him about weed are basically the same, none say he planned to legalize it within 100 days, so what is the source of the 100 days thing?

    thank you.
  2. The whole "First 100 Days" thing was extremely optimistic and would have needed all lawmakers on board from the get go which unfortunately isn't the case. I think now that he is near his first 100 days he realized that wasn't feasible and is now shooting for January 1 2019 which will hopefully happen. His MMJ review should have just completed so there should be a report coming out and possible adjustments to the NJ MMJ program, hopefully adding more conditions or getting rid of the conditions list entirely to let any doctor prescribe cannabis for any reason. I have been keeping a very close eye on it as well, it still isn't a done deal, but Murphy is absolutely pushing for it.

    I also went to a NJ Cannabusiness Conference where Scutari was speaking and he mentioned the 100 days thing there and that it probably wasn't super realistic, and that was before Murphy was elected.
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    I'm basically just asking, is there a source (him being quoted or better yet saying in video) that he'll 'legalize marijuana within 100 days of taking office". Or did he just say he will (or would if gets to his desk) pass a bill in 100 days (and then shops open 2/3 or a year later in Jan 2019).

    In other words, did the media make it out to seem like he said '100 days weed will be legal" and basically can buy it in stores? Or did he actually say something like that and now it changed from 100 days to about 365?

    Again , not that I'm trying to paint a picture of him as a lying politician, but I though this would be easy to figure out but spent a few hours watching his speeches and googling about him and marijuana and not finding the source news article keep referring to about the original statement of 100 days and who said it and what exactly was said.

    "New Jersey Governor-elect Phil Murphy plans to legalize marijuana within his first 100 days in office" NBC on Jan 15th 2018

    Phil Murphy has pledged to sign a marijuana legalization bill within his 100 days in office.
    app.com Jan 25 2018

    New Jersey's New Governor Promises to Legalize Pot in His First 100 Days
    merryjane.com Dec 12 2017

    See, there are tons of different twists on this "100 days" thing and I can't find the original source. If murphy DID say he'd 'legalize marijuana within 100 days', then he loses cool points if it's really going to be 365 days unless otherwise noted that passing the bill in 100 days is totally different than for example if the few medical dispensaries in NJ will open their doors to the general public within 100 days and outsource weed from other states until NJ builds more dispensaries and plantations to provide that much weed while not leaving out any medical patients.
  4. It doesn't matter if Gov. Murphy said 10 days or 100 days. The legislature has to send him a bill and some NJ Democrats are fighting legalization.

    A bill has been submitted, but that's it. There is already a good discussion with links to various news articles in this thread.

    NJ recreational !
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  5. Yeah if you took it that way that was the media doing that, him talking about wanting to legalize in the first 100 days would have made posession legal but stores regardless wouldn't have been opening until 2019, at this rate, probably looking more like 2020. Just hoping to get my med card before then if they expand the conditions list to at least be legal.

    I don''t have an exact source/quote, but regardless it is a moot point. Right now the goal is January 1, 2019 and let's hope it can get worked out.
  6. personally I think by 2019 it'll be legal with plenty of stores open.
    I think the gov purposely feed the press different ideas just so people understand when it finally becomes legal why it became legal.
    For example a month or so ago, someone proposed to instead decriminalizing it. Then then they explained why that's a bad idea (still keeps it on the street). Instead of them just completely disregarding decriminalization in one sentence statement, they at least threw the idea out there so people would talk about it and consider the affect of decriminalization and come to the same conclusion that it'd be better off legalized and regulated.

    Quite a few more states in the north west will have legal shops open this summer. Many more states are planning to and yes, since other states went first and have a blueprint, I think the new states will be much quicker to actually have shops open vs a longer process.

    Still looking for that original statement where 100 days even came from. Kinda ridiculous how different news outlets twist words around. And I notice even snippet videos of murphy talking about it, they take the worst screen shots from the video for the thumbnail to make him look like he too stonned lol.

    Personally I think that yes, between soon (couple months) you'll be able to get a script from a doctor for 'to help sleep', depression, eat more, pain, etc, for those reasons and also more easily (no $200 long sign up process and needing a specialized doctor for a prescription), and then about 6-7 months later when 2019 hits, shops will be open to 21 and older.
  7. Just read an article saying the med expansion speech should be at 10 AM today and that article also seemed to state anxiety is going to be an added condition. Fucking please let this happen, I will be on the phone with a doctor in no time.
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    YES!!! Anxiety is added, on hold right now

    Edit: Got an appointment, now here is to hoping I get qualified and can get my card.
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  9. ^ and chronic pain and migraines..
    This thread is 3.5 months old since replied to, and surprisingly NJ only added 10,000 new medical clients since the expansion (from 10K since cristy to 25K currently after expansion). Would think it'd be way more than 25K considering there's 9 million people in the state (couldn't quickly find # of adults though but still).

    Anyway, I seemed to have found it, and yes media putting words in the governor's mouth making it sound like he said it himself '100 days for recreational' which woulda been months ago. It seems as though Sweeney was the one who originally estimated 100 days in these article from 2016 and 2017.

    Never heard the words 100 days come out of murphys mouth in video or being quoted and I checked quite a bit. Just saying because all things aside, it would seem like a slime ball move for a gov to say that and not follow through.

    With Phil Murphy's win, it's 'full steam ahead' for legal marijuana

    N.J. could legalize marijuana as early as 2018, Senate president says

    BTW, currently they're saying 'by the end of summer' (Sept 21 2018) it should be rec. And it wasn't in the budget plan because they didn't have time for it basically and I would almost have to agree, that plus the normal budget plan isn't just something they throw darts at a board and does take some time.

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