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NJ/NY area smoking prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JPsmokin, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hey I havent been smoking not nearly long enough as some of the more veteran members of this forum. I live in the central nj area 30 minute drive from nyc and pay 20 dollars for a gram. My dealer is a friend of a friend and the stuff he has is good quality (He gets directly from a nearby grow op ive visited good strains) Yet i want to know if im overpaying. I know compared to others on this forum i may be but want to hear from someone in the area. Thank you [​IMG]
  2. 20 dollars a gram, is pretty standard in most places.
  3. I'm from around the 201 area and I get topshelf dank strains for 15 a gram.
  4. LINY, 20 a g for fire
  5. a dub on LI for me is 1g - 1.6g of some good shit. almost always is just 1g tho. 8th is $60 and a quad for me is $90-120
  6. Thanks just wanted to make sure im not getting ripped off. Have smoked everyday for about 5 months now and though i love the green can always learn from the vets thanks all
  7. I'm up north, in cold ass rochester. Usually get the regs (green, not schwag. Low mids.) for about 5 a gram and some fire for about 20 a gram.

  8. I'm in the 585 as well, and that's what I'm paying.

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