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    Any NJ residents interested in trying to get some reformation going?

    NJ has the most expensive medical pot in the country and some of the most restrictive laws as stated in a recent article: Is N.J.'s medical marijuana program still the nation's most expensive?

    For those non NJ residents here is the scoop.

    The MMJ program in NJ is as follows: $200 registration fee (about half patients are on a form of GA (government assistance)) which allows for a waiver and only requiring $20 registration charge which is great. However this is deemed useless when you're required to spend an average of $100-$150 per visit to one of the few openly advertised doctors to create a bonafied relationship. This is where it gets exciting.

    After the relationship is created (after you've spend $400-$600), it is another $100-$150 every 30-90 days with the same doctor to keep tabs on your condition and renew your card because the prescription expires every 30-90 days. Which is essentially their way of extorting you out money ever few months to keep the card even though you're afflicted with a chronic debilitating condition... Not a cold or the flu...but a life long term of pain and suffering.

    So let's see. $200 registration fee every two years (not the worst) unless you're on GA and then it's $20. Afterwards you have to find a Dr who is certified (there is one I won't name who pretty much gets you the card but hes like dealing with Saul Goodman, so much unprofessionalism) to build a relationship with. Most Dr want their $200 registration fee and their $100-$150 up front first visit. And your $100-$150 a visit after that.

    So at the end of the day it will cost an initial $400-$600 for the card. After that, a reoccurring $100-$150 ever 30-90 days for the prescription renewal, then an average $489/ounce +%7 sales tax and these disabled, crippled, and ill patients (about half of who are on government assistance) can get their medicine, if they can afford it.

    Basing the numbers off of
    Is N.J.'s medical marijuana program still the nation's most expensive?

    No price cut for bulk:

    An ounce is: $523.23

    A half is: $261.61

    A quarter is: $130.81

    An eighth is $65.40

    These prices are based off of NJ's alleged black market prices which claim a $400 - $450 ounce. As an NJ resident my whole life, pot smoker for 10 years (I'm 25), the prices have never been that much, ever. Unless you're going to a highschool student who dubs it out, that's bullshit. An OZ of medical grade cannabis is now $240-$300 in NJ.... And has been since like 2005... Maybe $350-$375/ounce in 2005-2009... Maybe... But it's 2016. A QP can easily be $800 - $1000 for medical grade.... A HP for $1600-$2000... So you're going to tell me the medical pot that Jon The Weedman Sells gets from CO, CA, WA, or OR is somehow twice as cheap as NJ medical pot....? And he can sell it twice as cheap and STILL GAIN ENOUGH MONEY TO RISK A FELONY ,I call bullshit. The whole MMJ program is a sham . There's gotta be something residents can do despite Chris Christie and his charade.

    Anyone else feel the same and want to organize?

    So if you smoke an eighth in a month it can cost you $65.40 + $100-$150, $165.40 or $215.40.... How un-fucking-believable is that? Or pay your dude $35-$50. Need an ounce a month? Well that might end up costing you $623.23 or $673.23 a month if your doctor feels it necessary that you don't need a 90 day prescription and forces you into a 30 or 60 visit... Because that makes sense right?

    Edit: now throw in the fact that there is only 4 active dispensaries price gouging and no way to legally grow your own medicine....
  2. Honestly as an NJ resident who kept a close eye on this, you can get the steps for reformation ready, but until Christie is out of office, don't hold your breath on any changes. There is no politician more against cannabis in every form than Chris Christie. There is a reason I will be moving out of NJ once I can.
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  4. We gotta get Christie out of office first. Fucking hell, my roommate got 3 months and a year probation for having 5 grams on him.
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  6. Recent Update: "Legal Medical Marijuana" at the Montclair Center is only available in 1/4 ounce units at $139.10 each. So, an ounce is now $556.40 Plus 7% NJ Sales Tax for a Total of $595.35 an ounce.
    Insane, isn't it?
    If you get it cheaper, please tell me where.
  7. You get it cheaper off the street. I pay about $350 an O in NJ, and give my friend with cancer 8ths for cost.
  8. Yeah, that's much better. I just don't have any street contacts for that. :-(
  9. That's madness! You're never going to have a reasonable program with Christie sitting on the thrown.

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  11. You need to calm down man. He was just adding his thoughts. We get it, the NJ Program is awful, which is what this thread is about.
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  13. As I said, there is no reform to be done while Christie is in office. in 2018 when we get a new governor, if they are more progressive (which won't be difficult because Christie is stuck in the stone age) that will be when some reform can start. Unfortunately, there is no solution with Christie, he is against marijuana in every aspect. This is why rather than wait for NJ to get it's shit together, I will likely move to a legal state and enjoy my freedom.
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  15. What are you talking about? This is what I meant by calm down the random caps lock and outbursts that don't make any sense.
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  17. Zmessengerz is here to suck the air out of the room. Sorry for agreeing those prices are too high and telling you the solution won't come until after Christie at the earliest.

    Please I beg you, have mercy on us all almighty Z, lord of the micro dicks.

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  19. You totally George Lucas'd your post with a long winded edit. Everything after 'why?' is special edition psycho babble.

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