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  1. New Jersey expanding its medical marijuana program

    Phil Murphy is pushing to greatly expand the NJ mmj program. Immediately anxiety, migraines, Tourette's syndrome, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders and chronic visceral pain are added to the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. (Already made an appointment with a doctor, fingers crossed I qualify)

    Hopefully the first step toward the eventual legalization of cannabis in NJ
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  2. Here's a direct link to the report and some highlights I found while skimming through this.

    There are two types of changes. Regulatory and statutory. The regulatory ones can be changed by any governor. Anything that says N.J.A.C can be changed at will. The ones that say N.J.S.A cannot.

    The Department plans to revise N.J.A.C. 8:64-2.1(1)(c) to reduce registration fees.

    The Department plans to eliminate N.J.A.C. 8:64-2.4 and revise associated rules, which requires physicians interested in providing care to MMP patients to first register with the Department. In turn, these physicians were listed on the Department’s public website in a physician registry for patient convenience. The Department’s elimination of the physician registry will permit any New Jersey physician in good standing and in possession of an active controlled dangerous substances registration issued by the State Division of Consumer Affairs to authorize medicinal marijuana for their qualifying patients.

    The Department plans to repeal N.J.A.C. 8:64-10.7(c) to remove the 10% THC limit for product sold
  3. Just qualified for my NJ MMJ card for anxiety. Have to go for a couple follow up appointments over the next two weeks, and then I submit my application to the state and wait for my card in the mail. Feels good.
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  4. That's awesome dude. I'm happy for you.

    I'm still anxious about using anxiety for a medical card because I own guns. I had a bad foot fracture a few years ago, which still gives me some pain from time to time. I might go down that path towards a med card when I get back to NJ in May.
  5. Thanks man,

    They definitely need to address that, no reason someone who is prescribed medical cannabis should have to worry about their firearms being taken away it makes no sense
  6. Yeah, the whole Honolulu thing scares me.
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    Quick timeline update for those interested in the NJ program:

    Initial Appointment: I was able to get mine within a couple days, but depending which doctor you go to some are backed up by a week or more at this point
    Follow up appointments: I was able to schedule my follow up appointments for consecutive weeks

    Total Cost for doctor's appointments: $405

    After my last appointment, got my patient registration number and submitted my info to the state.

    Two weeks later to the day, the state approved my application and I was able to pay for my card for a 2 year period for $100. That was on Thursday of last week. A friend of mine who made their payment Thursday of the prior week received her card the following Monday, so fingers crossed today is the day my card comes in the mail, roughly one month after my first appointment.

    I will likely have another 2 week wait before getting to go to the dispensary my first time as you have to make an appointment your first time at the dispensary and those are also backed up due to the influx of new patients in the program.

    Hope that helps anyone wondering the process/timeline.

    Edit: got my card today! Will be hitting the dispensary my first time this Friday
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  8. Dispensary was slow yesterday and they were taking walk ins so I was able to go get my first appointment done with no wait. Appointment was about 10-15 minutes, talked about their different strains and extract options, then we were given their menu and walked over to the counter and got a quarter of blueberry silvertip which smoked really nice when I woke up in the middle of the night, nice indica that put me right back to sleep coming in around 18% THC. Also got some of their 10:1 CO2 oil, very liquidy, slightly sweet taste when I dabbed it but got me pretty ripped, accidentally shot like half of it in my quartz insert and had to suck some back up through the syringe. It was on sale for $50 but not a full gram, they measure everything in 10 mg doses in NJ so it is "35" doses which comes out to be .7 total, but it will come in handy so I can have a pen with me on the go.

    Also bought some of their watermelon lozenges for at work and to lightly medicate when needed, only 10 mg so won't really get me stoned as I need around 100 mg for that but might help level me out if I am having a tough day at the office. All that together counts for a half ounce of my 2 ounce monthly allotment, extract products count as 3.5 g

    Definitely happy to be able to legally have my cannabis on me now and smoke where I need to. Going to a Kevin Smith signing this Saturday and will be able to hit my pax and pen in line to my hearts content while waiting for my turn.
  9. Another update for anyone interested in the NJ MMJ Program,

    Had my first follow up appointment today to renew my certification for 3 months. Basically sat down, was asked if I had any questions, filled out a brief form on an ipad and gave a strain review of one of the strains I like, paid my $100 and was out the door with my renewal cert.

    Additionally, Phil Murphy released applications for an additional 6 dispensaries in the state, which would bring the total number to 12. Hopefully the expansions keep coming to get this price down
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  10. Greetings from Jersey and congrats on your MM card. Can I ask your advice? Did you have to go to a special doctor for the approval or just your primary? Did you also need an established medical past indicating treatment for anxiety? I've probably suffered from a constant low grade anxiety and mild depression prior and since my divorce a couple years ago. I've never sought professional treatment just self medicated with weed which does work for me. I was trying to gauge if it was worth trying for a medical card. Thanks
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  11. Hey hows it going, i knew my primary wouldnt recommend cannabis for me, i did go in last October to get my anxiety documented since i knew it was possibly going to be added to the list of conditions. When it did I called one of the special doctors, brought in my medical records that noted my anxiety, and after three appointments had my patient number and registered with the state. It would probably be good to go to your primary and talk with them about your anxiety so that you have medical records backing it before going to one of the other doctors, just keep in mind the doc i went to was 400 for the first 3 appointments and another 100 every 3 months to renew my rec
  12. Hey Jeezy thank you for sharing your experience and the heads up on the cost. I think I'm going to hold off on the card to see how it goes legislatively in the state for the next year. It's such a weird time. I never thought I'd see Jersey this close to legalization and it seems like they are also focusing on commercial aspects so it will be interesting. New York will eventually follow (or heck beat us too it).
  13. No problem. Yep, probably a good idea to just hold off at this point and see where it goes. I was sick of 10+ years of worrying every time I had bud in my car, or the times we needed to call an ambulance to the house and cops came in the house that I just wanted to get it and have the peace of mind. I am guessing legalization will happen within the next 6 months and be able to buy from a dispensary on the recreational side within the year. I am just waiting on medical to get expanded so we can get some concentrates in the state and more competition to lower prices.
  14. Another small update to the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. Last week, the language was removed from the bill that did not allow for vaporization using vape pens and Curaleaf in Bellmawr started selling their first cartridges last Friday. This oil is a CO2 oil cut with natural terps based off the strain it is from and 70% THC (they said they will be making higher potency once the state removes the THC caps) and they are damn expensive. I grabbed one on Saturday morning just to try it, and it came in at $70 for a half gram cartridge :blink: I definitely won't be buying these again until the price drops, and luckily I had a $10 coupon to use that brought it down to $60 but still steep. The effects are nice and the taste isn't bad, I opted for the Lavender Cart but they also have Cookies and Strawberry Cough. Looking forward to more concentrates hopefully being available soon once more medical regulations change

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