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NJ Disc Golfers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lessthanjeezy, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Hey Blades,

    Last summer I started getting into Disc Golfing and played about 8 rounds and found it to be such a fun activity, especially if you are blazing a little bit. Any other disc golfers in the area? I usually play in Voorhees.
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  2. You play disc golf with the killer from Friday the 13th?
  3. I have some friends down your way (cherry hill) that used to play quite often.

    I've never played myself, but I've thrown Frisbee's around my whole life. I do actually have one disc golf disc that was given to me as a promo from a skateboard company.

    There's a park up my way in Somerset county that has a course. Saw it many times while hiking the trails. Though I've only run into people playing a few times.
  4. Nice man, yeah I know the Cherry Hill area well. It is definitely a nice activity, basically a nice hike while getting to play a game...Usually bring a chillum or a couple jays with me and it ends up being a great couple hours. Good way to spend a nice afternoon rather than just staying inside
  5. It seems super fun, especially if you blaze and play. I'd be down to play, I just don't have a quiver of discs or any experience. Lol.

    How many discs do you need? And is there a specific size and weight for them?
  6. I play in Portland. Most of Oregon's state parks have 18 holes, and a lot of our city parks have 9 or 18.
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  7. You honestly only really need one, I only have 3 because there is basically a "Driver" for your tee shots, a "Mid Range" and a "Putter" for when you get close. I bought a set of 3 on Amazon for like 22 bucks but having a backup is good in case one of your discs gets lost or in a water hazard.
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  8. Yep. There's some guys walking around any course with a huge bag filled with a couple dozen. Those are the same guys who if you went to their house they'd have 9 glass bongs, 13 different pipes, etc. You don't need to be like them. I go out with 3 discs. 2 drivers and a putter. I carry 2 drivers in case 1 gets lost. I carry a putter because I like to. You really only need 1 disc to play though. I think that's how we all start. Don't use a Frisbee though. They're too light.
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  9. Yeah there are people with full fucking push carts with like 30 discs at the place I go to I don't understand it at all, but I guess to each their own. I am personally happy with a few discs, a bottle of water and a nice J
  10. Gunna be a beautiful weekend, going to hopefully get my first round in this season on Saturday if I am not too tired from the Less Than Jake show I am going to later.

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