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NJ Dank pick up[PICS]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sweet Leaf`, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. bought a half of this today. its smokes pretty good.

    Attached Files:

  2. that shit is nice n frosty!

  3. cosign.

    hmmm so tasty lookin
  4. yea it is really nice
  5. nice bud. what part of nj from? i live in nj too.
  6. Very nice buds my friend, looks like top-quality to me. How's the taste, we had some orange bud here a few months ago wich looked very similar dank stuff.
  7. well i live in nj as well. and im smokin on some trees tht look similar or a little better than the bud in the picture. tastes great in a bong. nice head high. some body high to tho. really sweet smoke overall. its some pretty dank shit!
  8. hell ya man, good looking right there, enjoy the smoke:smoking:
  9. damn. that is some dank :) +rep man. take a snap for me! ;D
  10. that bud looks like it was taken care of and trimmed very nicely. enjoy that shit man!
  11. Not asking for a hookup, but where are you in NJ?
  12. I would also like to know wherew in jersey you live, im hoping that shit comes south! +Rep
  13. yea im in south jersey. right next to long beach island.
  14. pretty fat stems u got there.. but looks like some nice buds.
  15. super dank shit. nj represent.
  16. Oh alright, yea I am all the way up in Union County, but there was some bud that came up here alittle while ago that looked like that. Do you know the name of the shit you got?
  17. You consider that south? I live in cape may, all the way at the bottom.
  18. I mean it is south compared to where I am, I consider like Middlesex county central Jersey. I go down normally go down to like Wildwood or Ocean City in the summer for a few weeks and most the people I know think that is way to far down (most of em just go to LBI).
  19. I hang out in Wildwood in the summer, but I live in Dennis Township which is near Sea Isle City which is like 2-3 exits away from OC.

    Hit me up haha.
  20. yea i dont know everyone says were in the more southern part of nj

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