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  1. Has anyone used nitrozyme or any other plant enhancing auxins? I ordered a bottle of nitrozyme to test it out havent heard of Any friends using it looking for reviews!
  2. Never heard of it.

    Took me 5 seconds by the way, I binged doesn't show any ratings but it does show a study by a lab in canada...

    Their conclusions:
    44% improvement in germination rate
    57% more leaves
    34% larger leaves
    5 days earlier flowering
    6% reduction in operation time

    But here's the link

    Growth Technology - Nitrozyme
  3. Thanks man preciate you takin the time out to look it up good lookin out!
  4. Is this for cannabis or something different?
  5. Its for cannabis its natural auxins im doing a test too see if they will grow bigger and have more flavor...cannabis has natural auxins in it im not sure what they are called off hand but i know one of the auxins is used in cloning agents

  6. you're doing a science project? :rolleyes:
  7. I guess you could say so..tryin to come up with a method of least work, best yield, best quality lots of landrace strains but arent we all trying to accomplish that? Haha looking for tried and true methods with soil just trying to make them better

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