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  1. Zomg.

    Ok, I have a few questions to ask, because reading can only answer them to an extent. I want personal answers, haha.

    I want to try nitrous oxide.

    Is it dangerous (like other inhalants) besides the fact that you can fall asleep and suffocate yourself on the balloon? It doesn't seem like it in the reading I've done, but I'm just asking.

    Whats the best way of obtaining it? Also, whats the deal with putting it in a balloon and all that jank?

    That's it. I'm really deciding on whether to try it or not. Most people say to use it as a modifier of other stuff, so that's probably what I'll do. Smoke some bud and add a bit of this shit. Yeah...
  2. Depending where you live, you can buy whippets (small nitrous canisters that kind of resemble CO2) at grocery stores or headshops. There are better and worse brands for recreational use, erowid will guide you. Headshops also sell crackers (which break the canisters). Be sure to get a metal one, the extreme cold will crack a plastic one in short time. Never directly inhale one of these, you will freeze your vocal chords among other maladies. Use balloons. Make sure to breathe out and get oxygen in, don't try and do a balloon in 1 hit. Mix with psychedelics for a truly out of this world experience. :)
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    Alright cool. There are no damn headshops in my fuckin' town, but I'll do my best to get shit.

    There are online stores that sell both crackers and whippets. Would those be acceptable?

    Edit: I'll hit up some psychedelic shit, too. Yum yum.
  4. Yup, assuming it's legal where you live that's fine and order should be guaranteed--just make sure to order the right brand of whippets, some contain traces of metal oxides (I think, some nasty compounds at least).
  5. Yeah I read up on that type of stuff.

    I'll go in search for now.

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