Nitrous Oxide

Discussion in 'General' started by XUFCshroomeryX, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I did Nas last night at a party and it was a fucking crazy feeling, but some people were telling me it was dangerous what are some side effects that go along with nas?
  2. my brother used to have nitrous tank but someone stole it, but you can fish out if you do to much in a short period of time. what will happen is you'll black out and wake up like 30 seconds later. but you have to be careful because when black out you fall flat out where ever and you can fuck your self up cause you can fall on some crazy shit like knives or fall head first or somin. so you have to becareful you dont fish out. other than that i love nitrous

  3. nitrous is fuckin crazy wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa
  4. Enjoy the knowledge.

  5. sooo, if i spray some n2o into a balloon, since i wont metabolize it or anything, how long would the nitrous in the balloon last?
  6. More than long enough for your purposes.
  7. Personally i wouldn't fuck with that shit. But hey it's your body, have fun! (and be careful with that shit)
  8. Yeah man, be careful. I've heard some bad stories about that shit.

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