Nitrous Oxide

Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. This stuff can be bought in your local corner shop whenever you buy the whipped cream that contains nitrous oxide, what is that you do exactly? Release the gas into a balloon or something? But what about the whipped cream?

    I've heard good reports about this drug and legal.
  2. LMAO!

    Direct port whiped cream injection :p

    soz im obsesed with engines i never think of anything but the engine use of something
  3. nitrus is great....only lasts for a little bit but its cheap here(15 bucks for 24 chargers)all you have to have is a balloon and a cracker....have fun
  4. yo, what kinda stores sell this shit? (I live near Toronto, Canada)
  5. I was only curious and wouldn't waste my time and money on it...there are other drugs i can get my hands on that seem a bit more worthwhile than this nitrous...10 second high.
  6. I was wondering this myself. I reckon that if you don't shake up the can and then lightly press down while holding a baloon over the end you should get minimal creamage... just make sure you let it warm up a bit first unless you want to freeze your epiglotis.
  7. See if this helps...

    Since then, i've made a cracker myself out of a nail, and a big heavy duty balloon :) Works good enough. The high is very short, but very intense especially when your allready high from bud. It's especially fun when drunk, i got the urge to do some extremly stupid things though, haha. I ran full speed and drove into a belly flop onto my carpet. I just layed there and laughed. I dont know why.. but it sounded fun at the time!
  8. nitrous is great, a cracker costs about 20 bucks and all you need is a balloon and some nitrous lasts longer than ten seconds, usually a few minutes and when you're stoned it gives out of body experiences that are pretty interesting.
  9. ahhh the wonders of nitrus!! i remember many good times on that stuff..... really intense
  10. I heard nitrous was the same thing they use to clean piano keys. Is this true, or is it something else?
  11. no you're thinking of something else cornflake...and btw I dont recommend using auto grade nitrous, because its not the same as culinary or medical grade and usually has sulfides in it to cause nausea if abused...stick with using that shit on your cars

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