nitrous anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by naku06, May 2, 2006.

  1. anyone a nitrous head too? am i fucking alone in this love for the stuff? i been using it for a while now, ive only seen two maybe three people that like it also. using it high is just out of this world, almost too hard to control. alot of people shy away from this question.

    im not really a "head" for the stuff, i use it maybe 2-5 a month, but still.
  2. Never done it, if I dischage my whipped cream can upright and inhale the gas, will it do anything?
  3. good ol' hippie crack.

    No, never done it.

    Herb is good for euphoria, personally.
  4. i do that when i want a quicky, but yup. if you inhale a "newer" canister and breathe in the gas. there are instruction and precations odviously. i like to fill my lungs about 3/4 of the gas, then take in oxegen the rest, i dont want to die i just want to fly.

  5. OK good to know incase one day I feel like goin back to household highs :rolleyes:

    btw, smashing pumpkins are awesome.
  6. I don't want to kill my braincells. I've done that a couple of times before, but later I realized how dangerous it was and stopped. Now when I think of it it makes me nausious. It kills tons of braincells. Just warnin ya...but do what you want. It is pretty fucked up though.
  7. Nitrous fan...right here

  8. oxegen need for the very short period of time, within the 20-30 second of onset: with a ratio of 1:3 (nitrous as the higher dose) breathed as a mixed gas reduces and almost eliminates the damage from the bind of N02 to to the blood cells traveling through out the brain. putting your statement as false.

    personally i cut back sometimes ,and take vitamin B-12 to make up for the difficiency lost will multiple doses. be a smart user.

    edit: they still use it at the dentist's dont they?
  9. Tryed it once, it was cool. just feels like i breathed in and out alot, ya know?
  10. i have never tried nitrous before, but my brother has and he has claimed that it is one of the best highs you can have. also he told me that it can be really scary and you have to becareful because you may fish out.
  11. Dude I have this friend who has the whole setup for inhaling, he even has the o2 tank to make it pure oxygen and gas. We will hit it like three tymes in a row full deep breaths and hold it until we fall down laughing, its the best, good thing is when you breath it is out of your system and you can do it again. I love it JOE>

  12. Lol, a while back I was watching the osbournes, ozzy goes to this beverly hills dentist thatll give him as much nitrous as he wants, so he is constantly under nitrous, they had to change rooms to take xrays, and ozzy was falling over and mumbling random shit at the dentist.
  13. i wonder how bad nitrous acually is for you... i've heard various opinios. if anybody has any acual hard proof they could give me a link too that would be awesome.
  14. ive never tried it (outside of the dentist) and i really wanna try it

    i kept fucking with the dentist saying i still didnt feel anything and he kept giving me more hahaha, i was supposed to hold my hand ot my mouth and it kept falling down and hed go i need ur hand there and i go it is then move it and just say sorry hahaha i couldnt feel ANYTHING and i couldnt keep my mouth open for him, it was fun as hell

  15. Sounds like nothing special. He's always like that when ever i see that show.

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