nitrous and benzos? (help)

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    basically if i use benzos i get less high from nitrous? help would be appreciate i felt little to nothing from nitrous when others were able to enjoy it. damn wikipedia is confusing.
  2. From what I understand of reading that, you're right, benzos will lessen the effect of nitrous because of how each affects the receptors involved in using the chemicals.

    I think the last part means that reports indicate that while your motor functions will still be affected by the nitrous (loss of sense of balance and such), you won't experience as much, if any, of the euphoria or dissasosciation that comes with nitrous. In other words, you won't feel the "high" that nitrous brings on.

    Don't take my word on it though, I study law not sciences.
  3. Indeed the article you presented seems to suggest that would be the case.

    However... I take Benzo's for anxiety - and I am effected just as strongly/weakly by nitrous as anyone I do it with.

    I've never heard anything about the above information, nor anything really similar to it... So I really couldn't tell you anything other than the firsthand experience.
  4. So you use it according to a doctor, correct?

    OP: Are you abusing them or are you prescribed them?
  5. I'm prescribed Xanax and sometimes use other benzos such as Ativan (lorazepam) in place of Xanax (it has a less, um, 'narcotic' feel to it)

    And the OP sounds like he has a 'script too... because unless he's a habitual user for recreation or whatever, I don't think he'd be worrying about the interaction... as occasional use shouldn't be enough to antagonize any receptors like you would if you habitually use benzos for any reason.
  6. fuck that, nitrous was made for zombied benzo heads.
  7. i dont abuse, like 2 twice a week, i take 2 mg xanax each use. im prescribed.

    although the week before i tryed nitrous was a bit of extra benzo use.

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