Nitrogen toxicity?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GenieMan, Jan 28, 2023.

  1. Not sure whats going on here? I havent fed the plant any nutes yet maybe its I over watered?

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  2. What's your watering schedule like? Plant doesn't look like it has any deficiencies and like you mentioned, curling leaves are solid sign of over watering.
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  3. I usally water when the pots pretty dry I can go for a good 5 days until the soils gets dry enough. I been keeping humidity and temps in check idk?
  4. Maybe wait longer until its really dry then water again?
  5. Looks like n tox to me. either lay off the nutes or change it to a different NPK ratio.
    Many growers, including myself, have grown start to finish using Maxibloom. That's an NPK ratio of 5-14-15, quite low on N.
    But younger plants can rapidly snap out of the N-tox once they get a bit bigger.
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  6. Ya but the thing is I aint using nutes yet which is the weird part? Maybe Im watering to much when I do water and the plants sucking up to much nitrogen in the soil? The soil should be almost out of nitogen its been a month...weird plants I keep getting lol
  7. Seems as though if one keeps getting "weird plants", one might stop blaming the plants and perhaps look for other potential growth bottlenecks.
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  8. yes a little over fed the true signs will show over the coming week
    for now Id avoid feeding for 10 plus days let the food be used up

    then late a flush with air temp water 3x the pot volume
    do it days end so it drips out over night to resume in the morning

    good luck
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  9. I just flushed it the soil was fairly dry and no I havent used any nutes on this plant yet its been in same Fox Farm soil for about a month now.
  10. for fox farm I always advise to add 30% perlite add more perlite if you intend to add your own nutes later

    FFOF is hot stuff
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  11. Ya..I guess so huh? My Northern Lights grew pretty good in it guess my blueberrys dont like it as much. Im not sure if I should do a flush with distilled or leave it be I gave it some tap water yesyerday that I've always used for my grows. I watered until I had some runoff. Or shoulld I run it out? The soils a month old I dont think theres much nutes left in it.

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