Nitrogen Toxicity

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  1. Hi. I pulled my plants out to adjust my light today and I noticed they were extremely dark. Some leaves are clawing as well. I am growing indoors temps are 75-77 humditity is 51%. I am growing in soil with super soil in bottom half. Any help?

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  2. I see, there is a tiny bit of clawing, but not enough to be super concerned about I don't think. What nutrients are you using, and how frequently?
  3. The only thing I am really using is a teaspoon of calmag every other watering
  4. Hm... personally I wouldn't worry about it then unless something gets worse. It looks really healthy except maybe 1 little spot, but even there it's not bad.
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  5. You're not nitro toxic. That's just a healthy plant. It is good and dark but not toxic. When feeding organic with super soil and only water it's almost impossible to burn if the soil was constructed well. Organic feeds slow. That's it's nature. The organic chemicals must be broken down by microbes to be available to the plant in their pure form so typically there's not enough available at one time to burn the plant unlike hydroponic feeding. Hydroponic feeding has chemicals in pure form all ready to be used by the plant without being broken down. In that case it's very easy to burn a plant if you don't do careful measurements with your nutrients.

    I might try to ph the feed water to help the plant thrive a little more. Any well made soil will correct for ph being off but it's always better if it starts in range. A soil's potential to buffer ph gets exhausted as time goes on if amendments aren't applied like dolomite lime. 6.5ph is your target for feeding in soil. I would get a bottle of ph down and a ph indicator kit. You'll be able to figure out how many drops it takes to put your typical feed in range and you can just follow that routine after that. I put 3 ph down drops in my tap and it puts me right in range for hydro after adding nutrients.
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  6. cal mag has N in it. It has pushed me over when I was running very close in that I already had more than enough N but needed calmag.
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  7. Especially some brands of cal/mag. I've seen up to 4-0-0 in just cal mag. Advanced nutrients is 4% nitro. GH calimagic is 1-0-0. It's the lowest in nitro I know of.
  8. yes but, not a fair comp calimagic to others. The one I use is 9% N. But hopefully I only use it once to charge coco now that I've switched to Foliar pro.
  9. Both are hydroponic cal/mag supplements. Seems like a fair comparison. The percentage of calcium, magnesium, and iron is about the same but Advanced is 4% nitrogen and Calimagic is 1%. That's 4x the nitro. I ran out once and almost bought some advanced cal/mag until I read closer. Holy crap. I don't even need to hardly give micro with a 4 nitro cal/mag. I'm not sure why they do that. Others like botanicare are 2% nitrogen which is still double what calimagic has. Nearly all are 5% calcium 1.5% magnesium .1% iron.
  10. just going on research I did that I cannot back up. It makes sense why their's is lower N when it is all explained. N got so complicated I just quit trying to figure it all out. So for me it isn't just getting the right amount of N but the right type? You know N4 N this N eurea N etc.And with calmag (generic) the balance is how bad they need Ca and how much more and what kind of N can they take. That's why I'm trying this high N, Ca already in it liquid. It's like a crazy backwards pot and N strategy. So far so good.
  11. Feed them as much nitro as they want if they keep praying with a healthy posture and don't go toxic. One of the many things I've learned growing is these plants eat a lot. You can't skimp on the feed. They tend to keep eating more until late flower of everything including nitrogen.
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  12. If I had to pick a problem to have it would be an N problem. Easy to diagnose, easy to fix, but sometimes harder to predict than you would expect and for the strangest reasons.

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