Nitrogen Toxicity

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    I believe I have a nitrogen toxicity. The fan leaves are doing the claw and the color is dark green. My newest growth right now is very bright green but is still curling and clawing too. It's looks like there's some yellow on the new growth coming out right now. I do have not use any nutrients since I started growing. So how do Iower the nitrogen levels in my soil? Flush? Thanks

    As you can tell the newer growth has curling leaves and yellow spots on new growth.

    I transplanted about 4 weeks ago.

    Soil: Miracle grow. I know :/ it's not the recommended soil. But that's all I could get. I might be able to get Ocean Forest later.

    I believe my ph is 6.9

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  2. How's it going Fodolo, do u have any pics to show us what ur talking about? Couple of things, nitrogen toxicity usually has signs that don't match what your describing. The first signs are the older fan leaves will show signs of nute burn on the tips, then they will start to yellow and die. They work from the oldest to newest as nitrogen is responsible for photo synthesis and the production of chlorophyll. Eventually if left untreated all the leaves will turn yellow and die leaving ur plant unable to produce the energy needed to grow. Have you transplanted recently? What soil/ medium are you using? Are u over watering? If u just recently transplanted and they are young it could be burn from strong soil, FFOF is well known of this. Have u checked ur ph? Ph fluctuations can cause nute lockout so that is another possibility. Post some pics and hopefully some of the grow masters will be able to help u out.

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