Nitrogen Toxicity?

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  1. So I haven't been too concerned with the plants and I was mostly just letting them do their own thing aside from the occasional feeding, but now they're seriously looking bad so I figured Id post up some pics and see what you guys think.
    First off I have no idea of the PH, I know that's the first place to start but like already stated I really wasn't worried about these plants whatsoever. I've been giving them dolomitic lime periodically over the season, when they were in veg there was some definite nute lockout so I flushed and gave them lime and they slowly started to green back up. Now about a month later they look worse then ever before and Im thinking its probably from over-feeding. My roommate was putting miracle grow at 1/4 strength on them and also Rapid Grow while I was at work. I know these are both horrible choices of ferts to use and probably did more bad than good.
    Heres the first plant, This one I believe is Nitrogen Toxicity but Im no expert so...
    Now heres the second plant, Really have no Idea what could be wrong with this one. Probably also over-feeding Id imagine.
    And finally my face when I came outside this morning...
    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

  2. Multiple Nutrient Lock-out, no doubt.
  3. there's ur problem
  4. Should I buy PH up/down or does dolo lime do well enough? Also for a 5 gal bucket should I flush 10 or 15 gallons? I've heard conflicting answers on that

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    You should attempt to ascertain the ph run-off, what is it? Difficult to say, now that you say a friend has been feeding it nutes while you are away? Dad-gum man, there's not much we can do for you, especially since you're opposed to ph measurements?
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    I'm gonna get some PH strips or something as I'm not sure where to get an accurate digital reader aside from ordering one online...The lime I know is slow acting so ill probably get something else to try once I figure out what my levels are at.Sent from my VM670 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. I've used mostly ph strips alone for years and have had great success. When you get the strips check the ph run-off twice for greater accuracy, then let us know what it is? Only let a minute amount through the bottom, then check. Run through distilled water or tap that ph's at 7.
  8. find out how many times fed and how often. if you were gone a month he should have only fed her 3 or 4 times. all else should have been just water. odds are it will need a flush to balance ph and get a lot of nutes out. get ready to give her some serious tlc.
    i'm guessing ph of around 5.2 and ppm (if you were able to measure) at around 900
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    So I used a soil PH tester that I got from Lowes, its not the PH strips because I couldn't find them. Both the plants came up at right around 7.0 which seems strange but also kind of makes sense considering I mixed the soil with dolo lime and have watered it into the soil a few times over the season... Im still wondering if this could be from overfeeding/too much N, my friend was using Fertz that had N levels of like 20-4-4 and Im not sure if he was diluting at all. Also the claws that the leaves are making in the 2nd Picture looks a lot like what Ive seen in websites for Nitrogen Tox...
  10. In the first picture. How many times did he water while you were gone? If it hit and dry where you are? On the second plant kinda looks like it has something to do with the calcium but not sure. ..

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