Nitrogen Toxicity? Early nute burn?

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  1. Growing with coco and perlite. GH Flora trio and Calmag in RO water, little bit of PH up/down. Watering twice daily, to about 10% run off right after lights on, and second watering is much lighter. I just bumped up my nutrients the day before yesterday, noticed a slight discoloring on the lower leaves, so I immediately switched to a PH treated plain RO water. But am I correct in diagnosing this as Nitrogen toxicity/ nute burn? And am I taking the proper steps to help it recover?
  2. i wouldnt change nothing right now,that could be a water splash,feed around 150-200 ppm until they get at least 2 more sets of leaves and start working up,jmo
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  3. Ahh when water splashes on leaves it can result in yellow spotting? What about the kinda clawed curled tips?
  4. over watering
  5. It’s coco though? Thought you couldn’t over water?
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    that is true,hahah
    so you say you switched to ro water
    what type were you using?
    if your feeding low ec ,like i mentioned,i highly doubt you have a n tox
    when the leaves droop down like that usally over watering,but like you say coco
    do you have enough drainage for the plants ?
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  7. Usually clawing is a sign of over fertilization.
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  8. myself i still wouldnt change anything,at least for a couple days,with coco and hydro when you make a mistake it is obvious pretty quick,still say thats a splash ,so watch new growth,by tomorrow you will no for sure ,if it hasnt worked it way over the plant im with the splash.
    are you using hydro guard ?
  9. i dont see clawing though,they droop but not the dreeded claw,you might be right though
  10. look at first pic,you see the first leaves with the droop ,then the new growth doesnt,in between there is when you did some thing as far as feed,the older leaf looks aged in comparision if you dig
    id be double checking my ph and tds meters
  11. I cut quite a bit of the bottom of the solo cups with scissors so their should be plenty of drainage and it sits on a tray and doesn’t sit in drain water. I always check my ph but not my ppm. I’m gonna continue to give it PH plain water with micro dose of nutrients for the next few days and continue to to monitor, also gonna cut back on the amount of watering and see if it perks back up.
  12. Get em out of the clear cups.
  13. I know think I should go ahead and transplant them to their 5 gallon smart pots?
  14. I didn’t realize it until it was too late that I had use clear cups. You can see in one of the photos I made black sleeves for the cups to keep out as much light as can
  15. Id give them some more time to produce some roots in the cups and to stabilize before moving them.
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  16. good decision mate,with the small baby,exchange of air and feed once day be best,there focused on roots right now and you want that ,you mention going straight into 5 gal pot,i wouldnt,i work my way up,1 gal to 3 gal to 5 gal,each time i sprinkle rooting powder on the roots and in the pot,in my little tent,3 gal is as high as i go ,so that leaves me feeding several times a day,if you went with 7 gal pot you can get away with once a day until they get about 2 or 3 weeks in flower.
    i still believe that small of a plant can be over watered,unless you have a big ole mess of perlite in the coco,i have yet to try growing in straight perlite but going to one day,with drips though,feeding twice a day is a pain in ass in my opinion,but love the out come hahahah
  17. UPDATE: Cut back watering to once a day and also cut back on nutes for two days. Plants have perked back up and new growth is looking fantastic. Thanks for the assist guys!

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  18. Glad your back on track mate. As someone pointed out there 200ppm is plenty for now.
    Feed at ph5.7 -6.0 for veg.
    Once a day is plenty untill they're a fair bit bigger.
    Make sure you get run off every time you feed.
    Oh and don't flush it with just water. Fucks up the balance of the pot. If you need to rinse it out then use 200ppm nutes. :)
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