Nitrogen toxicity and its treatment....

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  1. Evening all!!!

    I’ve got a question on nitro toxicity which I was hoping somebody could help me with please...I’m using a store bought organic soil (I’ll post the link).

    I’ve got a bighead strawberry banana in a 5 gal smarty maybe 20% perlite. 2 months old roughly and since I transplanted into the super soil she’s been a really dark green. Too green for my liking! ...the past week I’ve watered it with a mixture of tap water and bottled/spring water. ( both ph’s unknown) but not overwatered!

    I’m now seeing lower fan leaves yellowing and dying cuz of it. New growth has the claw and the middle of the plant looks waxy.

    1st question... can un ph’d water in a nitro rich soil amplify the problem? I know the soil should act as a buffer but if it was already high(N) and my water was not so good could that cause toxicity to the point of dying? Or what I’m describing?

    So then 2nd is how to treat? ... I’m thinking I’ll let it dry out then give it a heavy water with ph’d or r/o water.... I’m not really sure how I go about flushing nitrogen out of a soil...or even if you can?

    Thanks everyone!!

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