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Nitrogen tox

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by BTNH-krayzie420, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. I let my soil mix cook for about 6 weeks before starting my grow. I will post my recipe if i need to.

    Basically is there anything i can do or should do to help it go away? Its not super bad or anything but i still dont wanna deal with the "claw" look for the entire grow if I dont have to. I was thinking it might balance out and go away by itself but just thought id try and get some advice. Thanks in advance!

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  2. Nitrogen toxicity basically = low pH. Either add a liming agent or make sure your water is pH’d a bit high. That solved the issue for me.

    A Lactobacillus serum diluted in some water wouldn’t hurt things either.

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  3. If that is the extent of the clawing issue i would just let it ride and not worry about it, your plants look pretty healthy otherwise. Just take it easy on adding any teas or amendments until you see the issue has passed.
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  4. Yeah and maybe a little aloe.Whether foliar or water in it does not matter. It always makes my plants chill...aloe is like weed for weed.

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  5. @MedicatedWarrior235 Wouldnt you be worried about the PH'ing affecting the micro herd in the soil? Unless you are thinking of using an organic version of PH up and down?
  6. Alright I wasnt planning on adding anything for this first grow, just water. Then just top dressing for the next round.
  7. Well I added oyster shell flower in my soil mix so i didnt think i would have to worry about PH..
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  8. You will pretty much need to top dress at some point in this grow. A start to finish 'water only' grow just doesn't happen, except perhaps with clones in a SOG and just doing the flowering cycle with no veg time.

    NBD unless you let the tank run totally dry because there is ~a 2 week lag time for organic nutes to become available. Figure roughly on a top dress @~ 6weeks of growth.

    Your plants look fine BTW, no worries.

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  9. Thanks man. Ill take your advice and make a tea in a couple weeks. What would you suggest for the first run of no till? I have ...

    Kelp meal
    Neem cake
    Fish bone meal
    Oyster shell flour
    Espoma organic tone fert

    All in this mix for ammendments. I got some malted barley because i heard it was good for teas and top dressing, cant remember its exact beneficial purposes though. I also have a 5 gallon bucket worm bin going but not sure if it has enough castings to do much with yet.
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  10. The thing with homemade castings is, you don't need a lot to have an effect. Mixing even a small handful with a top dress just kicks everything into a higher gear. Kelp meal and a bit of castings is my overall fave.

    The Espoma tone & some castings is a great all purpose feed for everything. I would recc this for first. I don't do teas per se, but do add enough water to make a slurry and blend the castings goodness with everything. I guess like a thin pancake batter, just enough to pour.

  11. [​IMG]
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  12. :lmafoe:

    Not QUITE what I had in mind, but not that far off.

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  13. Wow wtf lol. You can literally find anything on the internet haha
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  14. Cool man my girls are 4 weeks old now so ill wait a couple more weeks and probably do a castings, espoma tea. Then maybe halfway through flower ill hit em with another tea and see how that works.

    Just a couple more questions. Is it true that you wanna use bigger pots for no till? I plan on using 5 gallon and 10 gallon fabric pots. I seen someone say smaller pots wont hold a "charge".

    And lastly with a tea do i literally just add my amendments into straight water then mix it up? Am i suppose to let it sit for a couple days or do something special to it? I guess I could probably youtube this but since i have your attention i figure ill ask now lol
  15. I have used pots 10 gallon and smaller. I would either reamend (especially for the 5 gallon)after every other cycle(dump the pot and remix with fresh VC and kelp). Or do what I do and have extra pots and rotate them in. So if you run 2 pots in your would need 4 pots total. Then I let 2 pots "rest" in between. While they rest I keep them watered and feed the worms.

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  16. If you have a neutral water or a slightly hard water, pH’ing won’t be necessary at all. I used both sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate in very small amounts without any noticeable effect in micro life. Microscope checked. As long as you’re bringing it back towards the neutral point with your plain waterings, it should equalize eventually. If your water is acidic, you’ll want to pH it at least to around 6.5 - 7.0.

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