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Nitrogen or Sulfur deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by HaHend, Dec 23, 2013.

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    my plants have plenty of yellow leafes.

    What kind of deficiency do they seem to have?

    I checked abuse charts and it looks either like a nitrogen or sulfur deficiency to me.

    The leaf stems are purple.

    Please check attached picture.

    I hope you can help me
    Here a high res picture:


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  2. Top row is an Mg def.

    Bottom row is N def, possibly combined with Ca and Mg def.

    That deficiency in the plant doesn't necessarily mean you should add N or Ca or Mg to the medium though. Might just need to adjust PH or up the nute level, or stop using that high P product (if you are). Are you on soil or hydro, what nutes, age and stage of plants etc?
  3. Pretty leaves ...a private collector no doubt, once you study this shit gets really very simple, and so avoid all the Ph crap and just note the leaves that are yellow, and got green veins are (Mg) def, and the leaves that are all yellow are (N) def. ...simple
    Red stems I will usually diagnose as (K) lock out due to cold nights or temp. drops but is so popular now with all strains I don't bother commenting on, but you should keep an eye on your temps.
    Best for you to deal with the (Mg) def first and add 2 teaspoon of Epsom salts (or Calmag) to a gallon of air temperate water, and allow the water to rain thr the soils (or dwc to rez), allow to recover in dim light 1 day.You can foilar feed (N) by 1/2 teaspoon of (N) fert. to a pint handsprayer, fill with warm water and spray on all remaining leaves, or you may apply 1/2 teaspoon to a gallon of water and apply 12-24 hours after the Epsom salts has drained thru
  4. mate i would double your nutes, my leaves were the same!
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    Thanks for all the support so far!

    Before moving my plants (were just in rockwool cubes previously) to the aero system I watered them by hand from the bottom with EC 1.0 and PH 5.7 once a day.

    The plants are 90 days old now since they germinated from seed and went through some trouble, hence the long veg time.

    But I plan on switching to flowering soon as most plants are ~50cm and bushy now. However I wanted to get rid of the deficiencies first.

    I have a 120l reservoir for my aero system now, filled it up 9 days ago for the first time with EC 1.2 and water four times per day now.

    I don't let the PH get higher than 6.0 in my reservoir and not lower than 5.5.

    Increased the EC to 1.2 to give the plants more nutes and I have less yellow leafes now compared to 10 days ago but there are still some.

    I use advanced nutrients 3 part, in 3-2-1. I also use RO water without calmag yet.

    In addition to the yellow leaves I also have now many green leaves with tips curling upwards and turning brown.

    These leafes are located on the bottom and middle of the plant but not the top part.

    I assume this is a magnesium deficiency?

    The yellow leaves however are only visible on the bottom of the plant.

    I assume that I have to start using calmag to get rid of the magnesium deficiencies and adding nitrogen to get rid of the yellowing of the leafes?

    Other data:

    Temperature at canopy level: 25 C
    Temperature at base ~ 21 C
    Temperature during night: ~21 C
    Humditiy: Between 35-50 % (Cold and dry winter air, I try to get the humidity up with several methods but this proves to be a hard task)
    Runoff PH: 6.2
    Runoff EC: 1.2
  6. You should attempt to regulate your ph to 5.8 and keep it steady if you can? RO water without Cal/Mag? Big mistake? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for your plants to die from Mg, and Ca deficits? Get the Cal/Mag to your girls and stop wasting time if you want your girls healthy. Swing in ph flux causing to much confusion, if you had kept it steady at 5.8 and added Cal/Mag you would not be realizing this problem.

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