nitrogen in flowering?

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  1. plant is seriously low on N, i think. straight yellowing to the point where some of the fan leaves up higher are even turning yellow and falling. i've got about 30-40 days left. should i give a shot of N or just stick with the P-K and let them yellow?
  2. same thing happened to me and i mixed my vegging nutes in with my flowering and it fixed it for a couple weeks.

  3. Everything I read says to focus on P...But things I have read about other flowering plants to give lowers N, higher P. Still give N to help with leaf health and leaf growth?
  4. they will turn yellow due to lack of N so instead of letting it get yellow and eventually dieing i give it a little N so it will go green and healthy again
  5. I use a blended fertilizer ...Tomato-Tone ... 3-4-6 when I set my girls out to flower.

    I figure a balanced diet beats a plate full of meat (or any other analogy).
  6. ok i prob shouldve done it sooner, but i didn't want to mess with the buds. gonna give her a tiny shot of grow big along with the normal routine today and see how she responds
  7. ff feeding sch. says to use once or twice in early flowering, i gave one of mine alittle to. just as long as you dont mix on the heavy side when there in full blown flowering
  8. i was just messing around and fed a small plant tons of nitrogen up until harvest, and i don't think i'll regret it at all. i gave it lots of P and K too, but i don't usually go super heavy on N in flower. it came out super frosty, and its curing and smells/looks better than the last run, so we'll see how it tastes.
  9. is it dense or kinda fall apart?
  10. personally my mix is 10-52-10, so there is alot of P, but still enough N to make the plant not be low on N.

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