Nitrogen during flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cornflake, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. I've been contemplating wether or not I should be adding more nitrogen to my plants. The leaves are becoming much more yellow since the plants have gone into flowering. I've read many times that some growers deprive the plant of N so that the plant can focus more on bud growth, rather than leaf. I know it's normal to have the plant do this when flowering begins I was just wondering about opinions on adding N.

    I don't want to take energy from bud growth but at the same time I'd like to have the plants experience as little stress as possible.
  2. I had the same problem with my plant, getting al yellow and shit when it was just a few days into flower. I added some miracle grow (15-30-15) and the yellowing stopped and the plant is growing like mad.
  3. you should consider using organics next grow. im 60 days into flowering on a plant, an i have very little yellowing, my soil mix had plenty of blood meal and manure to sustain it through flowering. if the yellowing is a concern, id look into it. especially if you wanted to get away from chemis.
  4. Actually I am using organics, I just replanted my females and I didn't put enough blood meal in the soil. I added more, hopefully it won't take away too much from the bud quality.

    I spent a good 2 hours reading through your grow journal last night dread, that ww looks mighty tasty.
  5. thanx about the widow :D it gave me such a headache during the run. i got 10 grams off of it dry so im not overly dissapointed, i would like to try the strain again, but ill probably have to buy the seeds myself, these were a gift from someone else and i was a lil suspect the whole time. by you adding extra blood as a top dressing, you should notice some change within a couple of days. i just top dressed my mother about 4 days ago, the purpling of the stems and yellowing of bottom leaves has stopped and reverted back to how its supposed to be.

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