Nitrogen Defiency, over fertilizer or ph imbalance?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Could you let me know if this is nitrogen deficiency or what is this?
    She's about 2 months old and as you can see she's not the biggest at the moment. She had a bit of a slow start and then really got cracking not long ago.
    However over the last 2 week's she's started showing some strange signs. As you can see the bottom of the leaves are turning yellow and drooping. However the new growth is in beautiful colour and vigor. 
    I at first thought she's having nitrogen deficiency so I gave her a low dose of ferts 2 weeks ago. She started to grow quiet nicely after that however it doesn't seem to have improved the lower leaves at all and last few days they've gotten worse.
    Please have a look at the images attached of her current status.
    Let me know what i'll need to do to improve this baby.
    My first one that i'd like to flower soon... but wanna fix this issue first.
    1413719905202.jpg 1413719914817.jpg 1413719919086.jpg 1413719923475.jpg

  2. Hi guys,
    Any ideas?
  3. Once a leaf has turned yellow like that, it won't magically turn green again b/c you fed some nutrients. Yellowing and drooping of bottom leaves is usually a sign of over or under watering, this is only fixable for new growth; just adjust your watering. Yellowing of between the veins is typical of nitrogen (could be something else) deficiency and can be fixed with by adjusting nutrition.

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