Nitrogen deficient, early harvest (?)

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  1. 15617485605865777325804582694877.jpg Glue gelato auto here. There are really hot temperatures, like 30-35 celsius (95 farhenait) and some very humid days. For studies, I had to leave my plant to my sister, so just water for one week (we are at week 7) and signs of nitrogen deficiency appeared on my plant. What now? Photos describes the situation. Many leaves died, many were too yellow. The situation is not that bad, but what is concerning me is that these things stunted bud growth I think. last two photos are from a week ago. And trichomes are already turning Amber. And like 70% of pistils are brown. Still two week to go for the 70th day but... It's like it is a badly early harvest.

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  2. They don't look deficient to me. I wouldn't cut em early. Just let em finish up. Lower leaves usually yellow up and die off. If your top leaves looked like the yellow pictured leaves, then you would have a problem.
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  3. I ain't gonna harvest the plant before the 70-75th day, however I'm curious about the harvest time, the nitrogen deficiency recovery and your opinion about it. The top is beautifully green, the situation is not that bad but pistils and trichomes look like week 9...? Dunno
  4. The first pistils and trics will die off first making the plant look like its ripe before it is. Its not so much the dying or browning of the pistils you want to look for imo. You want them to die and recede back into the caylx. Once it looks as if your buds are swelling up around the hairs, then you can start judging ripeness.
  5. I would hit it with a full strength bloom and pk feed and get the 75th day stuff out your head. Those breeder dates are based on optimal growing conditions and their particular pheno grown...every plant is different, even clones.
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  6. Thank you for the hints
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  7. those buds still got a ways to go, definitely not ready! they havent even put on weight yet. Let them get fat.

    plant looks healthy, thats not a deficiency, probably just old leaves dying off.
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  8. So ambering trichomes and browning pistils are not concerning for a 8th week?
  9. I think I really should drop this monitoring method of the plant's age...
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  10. It's normal plant cycle. Nothing to worry about. Not sure what your feeding regimen was or is. I'm an organic grower, but always topdress with dose of high N ewc and compost through the stretch. It helps with the premature yellowing somewhat. But, looking good. I don't worry about trichs color until my buds are full and start to ripen. And you want to check the trichs in the bud and not on your sugar leaves.
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  11. THANKS. I'm using biobizz fertilizers, plagron Royal mix soil mixed with 25% coco soil
  12. I'll wait then. Maybe just anxiety caused by these days of absence. I'll stop to over warrying. Thank you everyone for the help and knowledge.
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