Nitrogen deficiency?

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  1. Hi Guys new member. I recently germinated this Apple Betty seed. She seems to be extremely lime green. Is this a Nitrogen deficiency?

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  2. well the medium looks different then the other 2 what is she growing in?
  3. Excellent eye!!! They are both the same medium( miracle grow garden soil vegetables and herb) * please don’t roast me please* but the Apple Betty is in unused from straight from the bag and the other 2 are in used depleted soil from my last grow. I do have fffof for the transplant. I had no issues with soil during my last grow. It was cheap($5) and I’m poor. Lol. So I’m guessing your thinking it’s over feeding?
  4. any chance that cup was water logged and she's fighting thru it? Looks to be lacking on perlite too...
  5. I usually germinate in a neutral medium but the first reply might be right. Yes it has no perlite but it’s airy The soil might be too hot with nutes. I’ve removed it from that soil and put it in the same as the other 2. They are all different strains. I was trying to find out if that’s how Apple Betty naturally starts. Hopefully she survives.
  6. She’s a fighter. Very stunted but I think she’ll survive.

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