Nitrogen deficiency

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  1. Hi, my plant has nitrogen deficiency. Some ideas, how to add nitrogen to soil. Some natural solution would be great. But i will be glad for any idea. I fertilized plants on sunday, so i will buy some fertilizer, that contains more nitrogen something like NPK 1,5 - 0,8 – 1,3. Because fertilizer that i have now is 5% N + 10% P+ 5% K. And my plants are in veg stage.
  2. How is that thing not root bound? :O or is it?
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  3. Sorry my english inst very good. How do you mean? :)
  4. He's saying that the pot seems to be too small for the plant... Transplant may solve your problem. Many things can happen to a plant if it is root bound.
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  5. Neem is a natural source of nitrogen, and as an added bonus, it deters pests. Look for neem meal or neem cake, and sprinkle it on the top of your soil. When you water, it will make its way to your plant's roots. This is called top dressing.

    You can also mix it with water and spray it on the leaves that show the nitrogen deficiency. This is called foliar feeding.

    I recommend doing both things.
  6. But my pots are 20L :D
  7. If you are confident with your pot size than by all means keep using it. But in my eyes (based on the size of the plant and thickness of the stalk ) I would be willing to bet that those roots are fighting for an area to grow.
  8. But i am afraid replant the plant and i dont have bigger pots. Do you think that replant plant to the normal ground is good idea?
  9. Thanks for advise
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  10. Could be root bound. That's a big plant in only a 20L pot.
  11. But i dont know where to get bigger pots. And i am poor student :D

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