Nitrogen deficiency?

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  1. Aight so I've come to understand the "claw" effect is from to much nitrogen in the soil. I used MG and I've heard it's packed full of nutrients. Been giving my girl half dose of nutes every other feeding. She's about a week from flip, should I flush her before adding anymore nutes? The claw isn't super bad but I've noticed it getting a little worse and I've noticed the very tips of the leaves turned yellow and some even brown. Thanks in advance ..
  2. yeah if your leaves are dark then id flush before flip flush 3x pot size and id flush 2 liters with molassas wait 15 min the flush the soil then last 2 liters molassas again help break up salts and at the end to feed the soil

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  3. Yea I'll post a pic when I get home. I had to spray her down with some spinosad this morning due to an aphid problem. My poor girl been through so much :( lol. My first grow though so I'm just proud I've made it this far.
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  5. how often are you watering are you keeping it moist cause thats not bad at all but claw can be from over water.

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  6. I'm almost positive I'm not overwatering her. Like once every 5-6 days. And the pot was very light in those pics. I went ahead and flushed her with 8 gallons of ph'd water since it's the only time I was gonna be able to do it... the tips were starting to go brown also

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