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Nitrogen Deficiency? what you guys think?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by growkings, Jan 3, 2013.

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  2. She needs to be fed.

    Hit 'er with nutes.
  3. ya i did this morning i will see what happens
  4. i had an identical problem when my soil stayed too wet.

    hopefully the nutes fix the problem. i hope you went at 1/2 or 1/4 strength.

  5. Going to transplant it to a neww bucket with new soil see if that will work
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    i would just leave it. the roots will bring the old soil anyway.

    when the soil dries, it should come back.
  7. ya getting scard now new pics Hear

    Should i do a flush?
    How do i flush?
    Anyhelp with this plant will be helpfull.....

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  8. no way man..dont flush. you have good soil, and youve only used nutes once, yeah?

    usually only need to flush after youve used chemical fertz many times a month, and there is a buildup of those salts/chemicals.

    just let the soil dry out, so they roots can get oxygen, and it should come back alive.

    is the top part of the plant still growing? or is it really really droopy?
    from what i understand, indicas are already droopy looking, so you have to use your memory.

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  9. full plant picks

    new growth is good

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  10. leave her be my dude. she will be more than ok.

    next time you do regular seeds, start at 12/12 to sex within 3-4 weeks.

    then you can veg them if you dont like their size

    how old is the widow today?

  11. ya will do Wait it out just hard to do lol want to help her now lol

    wight widow 5 1/2 weeks from sprout
    she is female seed
    showing sex
  12. time to switch to flower. you will be amazed by how much she grows during the stretch
  13. ya wanting to clone now
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    what medium are you gonna use? cut the node before you begin flower

    rooting hormone is willow bark or something, which is used to make salysalic acid, which used on skin, causes it to shed faster.

    i think if you take the stem thats going to go under the soil, and rough it up, itll mimic rooting hormone.

    could be wrong.

    you need to keep the soil moist, and you need to mist the clone once to twice a day
  15. ya thats why she is still in veg

    seed and clone plus
    soiless mix

    i cut one today and domed it going to wait a week to see new at this cloning thing
  16. oh alright! good luck man!

    you can even make your own hormone

    "Willow water can be made from cuttings of any tree or shrub of the willow family, a group of plants with the scientific name of Salix. The more cuttings that are used and the longer they are soaked in water, the stronger will be the resulting willow water. Recommendations for the exact method of soaking vary. Cold water can be used, and soaking times of four or more weeks are often quoted. Other gardeners use boiling water to steep the willow twigs and soak the mixture for around 24 hours. "

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