Nitrogen deficiency or stress?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm growing my 2nd plant indoors this time using straight coco coir and General hydroponics Flora nova nutes + calimag and low dosage of mammoth p.

    I have been toping my plant to break the dominance this time, but i seem to get some stress or nitrogen deficiencies which i cant tell. The plant is taking a while to grow itself as well as its been 3 months in the veg stage and its still pretty small althrough waiting isnt a big deal as its just for myself and i do it as a hobby, plus i want the best quality i can get so im not trying to force it.

    If i show you guys some pics, you reckon you can help me out figure out what the problem could be?
    I'm feeding my plant with a lil bit under than the recommendation from the nute bottle so Ive been thinking its a nitrogen deficiency but the problem seems to come back on other fan leafs even after i feed my plants and when i increase the dose my plant looks like its getting a slight burn. I also adjust the PH with orange juice to drop it between 5.5-6.5.
    Thanks for the help! 1534286680588.jpg 1534286719740.jpg

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  2. I dont grow in coco, but they should be 3to5 ft tall by now. Wow lets see what the coco boys say

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  3. -no perlite. drainage will be hindered.
    -you are not watering it enough. every day, to at least 20% (more!) runoff.
    -looks like pH problem maybe because you are drying it out.
    -does not look like N def, looks more like K def.
    -use hydroguard
    -please report runoff ph.
  4. Do you know if GH got their own hydroguard? I had a look and i think it might be the "Armor Si" product? I just like to use all products from the same company if i can.
    To be honest Ive realised over time that only the top inch or 2 dries out from the fan blowing air close to it and the rest of the coco deep down the bottom of the bucket is staying wet as. Ive made over 20 holes underneath for good drainage but coco just seems to hold way more water compare to soil.
    Thanks for the hints! I will start my investigation again and get back to you guys with the results

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  5. I would give it a calcium shot. Just let some egg shells sit in a water bottle for 3days or 4 n water them
  6. Coco holds way less water than soil bud. Even without Perlite, that pot should drain and especially being three months old, you should be feeding 2-3 times a day.

    I’m going to guess not enough light, and the wrong kind. Also underfed by ALOT.

    Veg under T5’s, the LED you have is not the right spectrum.

    That plant should fill a 4x4 at three months veg
  7. Ive increased nutes and added some Armor Si as well and the plants look way better! Also ever since I increased nutes the plant seems to be getting a boost on growth.
    I'm only using a basic grow led light, this is my first setup so hopefully ill have some better stuff to work with next time.
    Runoff water ph is 5.7

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  8. Thanks for the hints guys! Can i add more calmag than the 1ml per liter recommendation? I dont think its a calcium deficiency as I've always been on 1ml per liter, but its good to know as the the guy mention a calcium deficiency

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