Nitrogen deficiency? Or...? (pic)

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  1. Any ideas? I think its nitrogen because I've been using a rather weak nute mix. FF grow big @ 1/4 strength.

    I'm not really sure how much to feed 'em =/ Should I just follow the directions and give 'em full strength (1tsp per gal) nutes?

  2. I see a micro-nutrient's the pH of your run-off water?
  3. All I have is a soil meter =/ pH is a little low, about 5.7, 5.8. I just bought some hydrated lime to correct that, just haven't used it yet.

    Annnd, how do I add micronutrients? Only thing I'm using is FF Grow Big and Superthrive. I'm only using 1/4 strength of the 1 tsp/gal. tho. Should I increase that to the recommended dosage? Pretty sure the FF provides micronutrients doesn't it?

    Eh, I'm just gonna make a new thread for that too, but I'll stick it in here anyway.
  4. That's not n def, looks more like magnesium def.

    You first fix the pH, do not add more nutes to try to fix a nute deficiency. The reason pH is important is that it affects the plant's ability to uptake nutrients, so if pH is out of range adding more nutes won't help but can burn the roots. Get the pH in line and then perhaps add a pinch of epsom salts to 1-2 waterings during veg and 1-2 during flower.
  5. Fixing the pH makes me nervous lol. Never done it before. I got a bag of hydrated lime which you're suppoesd to use 1 tbsp/gal....

    Use that amount or less?
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    Actually just tested the pH. I only have a soil meter, so I know it's not the best, but it has to be SOMEWHAT accurate. It gives a solid number when used multiple times in different spots on the same plant =/

    It's putting off about 6. My medium already has lime pre-mixed into it, so thats why I'm nervous about adding more. Can you add it to the nute mix, or is that a bad idea?

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    Ugh, so it's getting worse.


    I bought some Epsom salts today, and added about 1/8 tsp to 1.2L of water. That's only a bout a pinch, but I wanted a number. I run them on 24 hours of light, but from reading it seems better to have the lights off for some reason.

    So I misted the sick plant real good, including the underside of the leaves, and went ahead and just gave all of my other plants a real light misting.

    Hopefully this will make some improvement.

    pH doesn't REALLY seem to be the problem like I thought it was. On that particular plant my pH is reading 6.0-6.5, I know I want to raise it but is that really enough for nute lockout?

    Edit: Okay fuck, maybe I was wrong about the pH. Oh well, I'm gonna go learn how to add hydrated lime to the soil of already potted plants. Hopefully the misting will help anyway.
  8. Okay new question. It's been a few days. The leaf more or less looks the same, there's 2 of them actually. But that's the bad one. It's over 50% damaged as you can tell, the browning is actually worse and the leaf ends curl up.

    Should I just remove the 2 affected fan leaves?
  9. Last attempt:

    Should I remove this leaf? I gave it a light misting with with epsom salts 3 days ago, and today I added a light nutrient solution to the spray bottle and they got a decent soaking with that tonight, been about a week since I've fed them any nutes, and wanted to get on that as some leaves were starting to turn a little lighter in color.


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