Nitrogen deficiency or lockout? Need help! (With photos)

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Lockout or deficency

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  1. Good morning everyone, I am having a feeding problem in my plants but especially in 2. Let's start with the premise that in the past I have always managed to correct any deficiency in a short time and let's say that my feeding schedule in years has not changed but I know very well that every plant is different but I am getting to give really a lot of fertilizer and it seems to go the same way to make the situation worse. I'm nitrogen deficient and honestly if a few little leaves underneath are yellowing I'm not going out of my mind but from a few little leaves the plant is starting to scale up fast and they are starting to drop enough leaves every day. These symptoms so heavy only in one that is the only one that has the 20lt pot while the others are starting to show some signs of yellowing but nothing extreme, I am up to the third time of fertigation in a row and today I will be forced to give fertilizers for the fourth time in a row, guys the water is at 2.5 EC but besides it seems like too much I am afraid the soil will get saturated and I will go into lockout.
    The plants are really huge but for this time I decided that other than a few side branches I would just do a light defoliation in vegetative and not go any further, so the plants are a bit dense now and I immediately thought that that might also be contributing in the continued demand for nutrients.
    I use purified RO water for human use (020ppm).
    Third week of flowering
    Advanced Nutrient
    Grow, Micro, Bloom
    Bud Candy
    Big Bud
    Bud Factor X
    Sensi Cal/Mag
    pH 6.5 (although it is lowered a bit by pH perfect nutrients but I have never had a problem)
    They drink approximately 3lt each every two days.
    Can anyone help me find a solution? Especially some advice for watering tonight guys.
    It doesn't seem lockout to me also because the plants are growing at a fast rate
    Thank you in advance

    PS: I grow in air-pot and adequately controlling runoff (even if it is minimal) is a big deal since some times the water comes out sideways before crossing the soil
    IMG_20221216_170631.jpg IMG_20221216_170645.jpg IMG_20221216_170730.jpg IMG_20221216_170821.jpg IMG_20221216_170909.jpg
  2. If it's all happening towards the bottom or inside not in direct light that's possibly the reason. Any leaf not in direct light will have issues. Light is life. Only issue I can see is a need for heavy defoliation.
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  3. I thank you for answering me! however, I must admit that I am a little confused about this whole situation. I wrote three 3 threads each in a different forum since I was supposed to give water last night and needed as many opinions as possible.
    On Rollitup they started throwing heavy crap on Advanced nutrient saying the problem is the cocktail of products I'm giving which they say are not helping anything and more importantly it's a crazy ec, then someone also suggested a dry spot problem in the soil given the air pots and finally even two users replied that it's lack of light.
    On ThcFarmer there are even those who talk about a combination of low light in the lower leaves and few nutrients or having given little nitrogen in vegetative.
    I don't know what to think anymore honestly, I think if it was lockout the plants might have even slowed down but you can really see that they are at full capacity, and there is also to say that I don't have multiple deficiencies and the top is doing great.
    The only thing is that I have always grown with high ec without a single deficiency or excess but I have to admit that I don't see anyone around that gets 2.5 ec in the solution! I can't figure out if the problem is due to plants with high nutrient requirements or if I'm just screwing up with too much fertilizer! Always used the same line and I repeat I have never had a problem in fact I have doubled the yields and with 4 plants in 4 months I get to 600g dry.
    As for defoliation you are totally right but this time I wanted to see the difference on yields compared to the last ones I did that were heavily defoliated
  4. Girls are a bit light on nitrogen.

    Its not lockout, its not major, its not OMG A.N. SUX or any of that other drama you are hearing. Its really just a simple slight lack of nitrogen, thats it. The leaves at the bottom are turning yellow because the plant is pulling the nitrogen out of those leaves to use on new growth. This process is called translocation, and you want it happening, but usually not until late flower, like the last 3 or 4 weeks. Its part of a larger process that pushes the plant toward finishing. The plant is basically saying "well I don't have quite enough nitrogen, but I have all these leaves at the bottom that have tons of it, and those leaves are getting so little light anyway that they are useless, so ima scavenge that right now"

    If you are concerned, bump up the nitrogen a little and the leaves will drop off slower.
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  5. as above have said needs a bit of N added to your feeding ...has soon as you put plant in to flower the plant uses up the N as it stretches and it uses up a lot of N ..i use a bloom nute that has low N and higher P/K i find that helps ..mac,,
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  6. I've flowered under shitty light where even with defoliation the florescent light didn't have adequate penetration. The leaves furthest from light especially not in direct light turned yellow and died on a healthy plant. Leaves are solar panels, that use nutrients. If a leaf isnt in direct light, but still using nutrients what's the purpose of keeping that leaf. It's a leach using but not producing. The above responses are absolutely correct, with the nitrogen responses. Imo removing the useless leaves could be just as good getting those leaves not producing but using off will give the producing leaves more nutrients needed. Most flowering nutrients contain nitrogen in small amounts, bigger fuller plants like yours will use more.
  7. @L.AzyStoner420
    You need to download the presentation that goes with it for clarity. Sadly I can't upload my .pdf copy of it to this site :(.
    Good Luck.


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