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Nitrogen Deficiency in Organic Soil

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by MtRainDog, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. I've followed the beginner's organic soil mix for my past couple grows with much success. I've got a C99 and Bubba's Gift going right now. The Bubba's Gift looks great, and the C99 looks pretty good, except that the lower fan leaves look like they're showing early signs of a Nitrogen deficiency. The leaves are beginning to show a two-toned coloring: most of the leaf is pale green/yellow while around the veins and margin are still dark green. Otherwise the plant seems healthy enough.

    My question is what organic amendment should I use to correct a Nitrogen deficiency? My gut is telling me just water in some EWC mixed with Kelp meal, unless one of you organic gurus has a better suggestion!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Alfalfa/kelp tea 1cup/half cup bubbled 24-48 hrs I like to do a soil drench and foliar feed once a week in veg thru week 4 of flower, especially first 4 weeks of flower it'll help tighten internode spacing plus many other benefits like pgr's and extra phosphorus. Just be careful with small plants

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  3. Hey thanks for the reply! I don't have an air pump or anything, would just kelp meal in water be ok? If so, could that also be used as a foliar?
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    I transplant into a larger container when that happens. It stops right away and doesn't progress further. I feel like organic water only soil is best in large containers. Mine do this when they're starting to get root bound. A lot of folks use fertilizer to try and fix it but if all the food is in the soil, doesn't it make sense to give it more soil?

    Yes that's fine. There is a kelp meal paste recipe in @Sc00byD00bie recipe thread some where in this forum. You basically make your own seaweed extract but it's way better than Neptunes or other brands. I've used it when I couldn't up pot yet. I have a better response from alfalfa though. I add a tablespoon top dress on a five gallon mixed with compost or ewc.
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  5. Cool, thanks for the info and the link. That kelp meal extract sounds awesome, and i always avoid expensive bottled nutes!

    I actually did just top dress both plants with some more of my SS mix a couple days ago, and watered it in since I'll be flipping to 12/12 in a couple weeks.

    Today i vigorously mixed up 2 tsp of kelp meal in about 1qt of water, and watered that in to the c99 (the water only, didn't add the solids). I'll keep an eye on her. I only did a little because i didn't want to burn her in anyway.

    Unfortunately can't pot up, both plants are in their final containers and are already training in the ScrOg. :-/
  6. Hi there MtRainDog how did your nitrogen deficiency end up? did top dressing more soil in and the kelp meal help out?
  7. I actually ended up buying a small bottle of Neptunes harvest, and have been feeding it once a week. The plants seem to love it and there's no sign of any N deficiency anymore! I'm now 2.5 weeks into flower and plan to continue the weekly feeding for the next 2-3 weeks.
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  8. I'll add that I think my smartpots are too small. I'm using 3gal pots, and I probably should've used 5gal. The 3gal worked great for autos, but probably not big enough for the longer veg time I gave these photos.

    The small pot size was probably the cause of the N deficiency. Potting up as per missiglighter's suggestion likely would've solved the issue too, however i had already began training the plants in the scrog. Oh well, live and learn, 5gal pots next go round
  9. I do a organic grow with nector of the gods soil and nutes. follow the feeding schedule provided with ideal conditions,use larger pots[mine are 20 gal] 1000hps. I water every 4 days and fert every other gorilla and girlscout cookies grow super fast and huge.
  10. Yeah, you're so much better off with larger pots in an organic soil. With hydro it doesn't matter as much but with an organic garden you'll want the larger pots. I suggest 7's at a minimum - for best results.

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