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  1. Well Blades and Bladies i gotta problem with my plant and i need some good lower leaves are turning yellow and it's not nute burn or lock.....i reckon it's nitrogen defficiancy.....the big fan leaves and the smaller ones are both going the same way....there is also some white powder appearing on the surface of the soil....the plant is over 7' tall and has been flowering for 4 weeks....she's been getting 12.5-25-25 and the ph is 6.9.....if it is a nitro shortage how can i increase nitrogen? and will this affect my other nutrients?.....any help would be appreciated.....Peace out....Sid

    only the lhs of this leaf is yellow but the others are much worse.

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  2. somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....c'mon man it wont take you's too long to answer.....surely you's aren't that wasted allready??.....Peace out....Sid
  3. I don't think its a nitro deficiency. with a 12-25-25 fert at regular intervals you are feeding plenty of ferts to the plant. If its the lower fan leaves, its normal for the plant to start yellowing in the flowering stages, albeit, much later into flowering. The plant is really utilizing all its resources into seed production (in your case THC production) the lower stems that are out of the light are used as food banks now and not for food production.

    Think of it as a regular plant outside in the Autumn season. A tree quits growing new leaves and concentrates on seeds. The leaves are not needed anymore because winter is coming. The plant pulls out all avaailable nutes from the leaves and they turn yellow and fall off. Then the plant sheds its seeds and rests until next spring.

    Same as your plant, as long as the yellowing is not uniform across the whole plant and your buds are turning yellow to. But during the flowering stage, the plant needs phoshporous more than nitrogen and you need to be adding a super bloom fert like a water soluble schultz super bloom fert, 10-60-10.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Hey BPP tnx for the reply....i tried to get hold of the schultz brand....but found it impossible...i'm going to have to import it for the next grow!......i did however find a fert that was 30 in the phospherous dept should i switch to get more?......i knew that the plant is supposed to go short of phospherous in the finishing 2 weeks but i guess mine is just going early.....i guess this is explainable as i don't know the strain and it could be an early finisher......but at least i feel better and i'll keep an eye on it BPP .....tnx for the advice.....Peace out....Sid

  5. I'm sorry I forget not evryone who posts up is not in the USA and can get the ferts that we have here. But go with the higher Phos fert to help them out and let us know how they do.
  6. I got the fert today, it's 15-30-15, i'm gonna go with this one and see how it goes, i did however notice an increase in my buds since i started putting co2 in there as well....i just bought one of those air cans for cleaning you're keyboard and it's working a treat.....tnx for the advice i'll keep you posted on her progress and final yield if i don't fuck it out.....Sid

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