Nitrogen defficency in flower ?

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  1. Hi guys it's my 4th week into flower and I am getting yellow leaves on the bottom of one of my plants.

    I have kept the nuits low threw this grow as I usually have a tendency to over fert in flower my feed mixed is 700 ppm 1.1 ec ph 5.8 and I'm using canna coco, advanced nutriance sensi bloom and advanced nutrients big bud.

    Question is so I just need to bump it up with the sensi bloom or could it be a lock out ?

    Also I don't usually check the runoff ph so I will do that tonight and it get quite warm in the tent on the afternoon about 28c.

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  2. If your environment is perfect, it looks like a nitrogen deficiency. 5.8 PH in coco is a little lower than what most run at. I think most people run at 6.2 in coco with good results. Nitrogen absorbs best around 7 pH so the plant might be getting proper amounts but unable to absorb it at 5.8 PH - Consider keeping nutes the same or slightly raising PPMs and raising PH or if you don't want to raise PH you should absolutely feed heavier for a watering or two..

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  3. Thanks bud I was thinking about rasing ph today ill put it up to 6.0 and bump up my nuits maby till 800 850 ppm max I had og kush last crop put 1000 ppm in flower totally ruined it.
  4. @Krazysmoker no problem man let me know if it fixes it!
  5. Bumped it up to 800ppm 1.3 ec and the yellowing has really slowed down if not stopped I did put my ph to 5.9, checked my runoff and everything was perfect I gave all the plants a bump up with it just in case they need it too.
  6. I'm only using 8ml sensi bloom and 8ml of big bud in 10lt of water the sight is telling me to put it to 40ml of sensi bloom and 20ml of big bud witch seems crazy since just with 8ml of both I'm hitting 1.3 ec
  7. Are you using RO water? They always say to use more for whatever reasons and I would say they probably also recommend starting at 2-4ppm RO water. I've never used anything close to what they recommend.
  8. Nope I'm using tap water 450 ppm
  9. Here's some updated picks do you think she is doing well ?
    Now at 5 weeks 830 ppm
    Had some heat issues it's been warm for the past few weeks

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  10. Hell YEAH! Looking way better man! You can see the leaf curl from heat (barely) but that plant looks really good man congratulations.
  11. 450ppm tap water is really high to start with - Have you ever tried running it through a regular carbon filter before using it to try to lower the ppms? (like a brita filter or something?)
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  12. Thanks I have a water purifier there but I my og kush dident seem to mind tap water, then I used my water purifier took it down to 4 ppm I tried to grow some plants with it using the ro water and the plant leaves where very small plant was growing very slowly, let it grow for 2 month and dident even reach 1 foot, but no deficiency or toxicity it was cold on a night so I put it down to cold temps on a night and hot 30c on a day, but after that I went back to tap water can it cause a lock out or anything bad ?
    Also I have been waiting 3 weeks for a dam mini clip on fan for top airflow to help the heat I think it's going to be a 9 week strain 6 weeks in and all hairs are still white.
    I am now finally on 1 ml per lt 10 ml a&b but I think she wants more going to peak it at 1000 and bring it down at the end.

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  13. Just thaught I would fling this in I was watching a video the other day about growing and nutriance they said it is a good idea to try to get your plant to start yellowing at like the last 3-4 weeks, saying that if you do that your just feeding the buds don't know if that is true I thaught you would get less bud development.
  14. If you start at 4 ppms you need to add calmag to get to 2-300ppms then 5-600ppms of nutrients to be at your acceptable level of around 800ppms.

    Your tap water has a good amount of calcium, magnesium, and other micronutrients that your plant won't get with RO water unless you add it (calmag). That would explain the stunted growth!

    If you are having healthy plants using the tap water you should continue with whats making plants happy and if you want to experiment, trying it on 1 plant instead of your whole harvest will save you a lot of headaches!
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    Yeh I might try it again in the next run but what I done was add 20% tap water with my RO water got me to 150 ppm to start with that's why I thaught it could of been the ro unit I have or the dan and night temps 13 on a night 30 on a day.
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  17. Advanced nutrients is known for running higher ppm levels then other lines. I've seen people running up to 1400ppm without issues. I would never run that high with GH but it seems to work with AN.

    The other thing is when you're starting at 450ppm you don't have a lot of room for nutrients. I use 0ppm rainwater. I have to add quite a lot of stuff just to get to 450ppm. The same amount that you add to get to 900. So, at 900 you have half the actual plant nutrition in the water. The rest is just mineral content from the ground water. Some of it is plant food but much of it isn't.

    I would try to save up for an RO system and in the meantime try running 1000-1100ppm and see how they respond. The color does seem to still be a little lite. But they are looking good. Bump them up slow and watch for a day to avoid burning them. If you see too dark of green back off.

    I think many people assume that a budding plant needs less nitrogen then a vegging plant. I find that the plants need for nitrogen actually peaks about 3-4 weeks in flower. It slowly tapers after that. I always increase my nitrogen heavy component of the nutrients when I go to flower at least an 1ml or 2 a gallon. I keep it at that rate until about week 7 then I drop the nitro down about 25-30% and increase the P&K for the last two weeks of ripening. I learned this after starving 3-4 crops of nitro in flower. It seemed to really increase my yield when I kept them green most of the way through flower.
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  18. well said
  19. thanks bro I'll make sure I have higher ppms going into flower next time and keep a eye out for it, I'm half way through week 6 now I keep bumping ppms up 1ml extra every feed and it seemed to slow the yellowing down, buds are starting to fatten out I want to thank everybody for help on the issue.
    Also I just thaught I'd add if your tap water ppms are like mine 450 ppm you say I'll be adding less nuits because I already have 450 ppm and not 0ppm, but if there's hardly any good nuits like npk then wouldn't that mean it wouldn't burn if I went higher ppm ?
  20. Possibly, but you don't know what is making up that tapwater ppm so it's a crap shoot. The ppm isn't really a ppm measurement either. It's an electrical conductivity measurement that is converted to an approx ppm number. The meter is measuring how well the solution conducts electricity and estimating a ppm from that. It could be that your tap water conducts electricity well from certain minerals but the ppm content of stuff that would effect the plant isn't that high. Unless you analyze it you don't know.

    You can try raising it up slowly. Many people running AN are up around 1500ppm.

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