Nitrogen Def.??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Drucias, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Hi u guys Im just wondering if the yellowing leave son my seelding are the cause of N def, it started with the cotyledon and is on the 1st pair of leaves, it didnt affect the second one though, what should I do?

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  2. Im thinking its N def. Its not even two weeks old

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  3. What kind of fert are you using?

    I use 20-20-20 for new sprouts!Works great!
    I also read that you can use human urine!!! 8oz of urine to one gallon of water!but i would only do this if you grow outside or have a good oder control system in your grow room!

    Puff Puff GIVE!Puff Puff GIVE!Puff Puff GIVE!Puff Puff GIVE!

  4. dont piss on ur plants, yeah its got a lot of N in it but its got a lot of stuff u dont want aswell. and it smells bad. smoke ur own piss if u wanna tho.
  5. DAMN Does all of grasscity know what I did lol..hides*. Well I dunno I was just tryin weed is hard to grow lol. I fert. it and it stopped yellowing or so it seems I will just have to wait and seeeee...its 20-30-20
  6. Here are some pics of the leaves (the first pair) that have gone yellow and died. It hasnt spread though.

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  7. how old is the plant and what type of soil is it in?...........have you added any fert to it allready?.......fert is added after approx 21 days, as the soil allready has ferts in it, it looks like fert burn, sometimes it can happen with soil like miricle grow, and others with a high fert count...........Peace out.......Sid
  8. id say it was fert burn aswell.
  9. thats funny cos it started yellowing and browning then i ferted it i udnno what it is...just my luck AGAIN
  10. I didnt know that ferts cause yellowing too....
  11. Um I would say its about two weeks now, I tried to get a different kind of dirt but man I got the wrong one AGAIN, can someone PLEASE tell me what the best kind of soil is for these damn plants I spent like 7 dollars on some dirt that seems to be crap. It was Scotts somthing I cant remember.
  12. not sure where you are in the world, so i can't say types, but just use soil for sowing/seeds/ usually it'll say on it........if it says anything like "this will make your plants grow like fuck"......avoid it, as it's prob loaded with ferts.........chances are the plant will be fine....they can take a lot of abuse at times (not usually at that age though) remember it's a weed........if i were you i'd just wait and see, i'd say flush it but some sopils have ferts that are released with the addition of water, and it could possibly make it worse..........but like i said, depends on the soil............Peace out.........Sid
  13. yer on the fert burn..thats a strong fert for veg firstly...second you shouldnt even start fert'n till they are about *28* days old..
  14. Yeees I know, you should also know that I never fert my plants cos im always too scared to lol. But ive seen this happen on another of my plants that died, it had the same thing. I figure as long as its heavily diluted its okay.
    And I think I actually fixed it before it got worse! Cos it stopped yellowing, I FIXED SOMTHING!
  15. what did you do to fix it?.......add diluted fert?.........Peace out.......Sid

  16. well done, its a gr8 feeling aint it.
  17. Yees it feels great I did somthing right. And in reply to Sid I think I fixed it by giving it ferts? At least thats what I think, its growing really fast, I think Ill start another plant too. Ill post pics of my present plant in my journal.

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