Nitrogen def? +rep for help, need a cure !

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FYL, May 15, 2010.

    but im seeing some nitro def on another one also

    started from the bottom
    moving its way to the top
    the veins on the leafs are still kinda green, and i read that this is a sign of Nitrogen def...

    its about week 5-6 of flowering (since 12/12)

    iv fed them, but not tooo much, maybe this is why? idk..

    15-30-15 nutes, but again, not alot. i didnt wanna over do it, but i guess im under-doing it.


  2. Looks like it's just the big fan leaves. The leaves will turn yellow as the plant gets closer to being done. Overall it looks good. How often are your feeding? And do you know what the flower time for this strain is?
  3. it definately is lacking a little on the nitrogen but this is natural towards the end of a plants life which on average most indica strains flower in 7-8 weeks so i would probably feed one more time and flush till they are ready the yellowing leaves are very natural for a plant in its last 2-4 weeks and some strains yellow really early but i think youll be fine

  4. this specific plant is 8-9 week strain
    kaya 47
    "60 days"

    been about 5 weeks.

    im feeding em pretty rapidly, stupid, i know .. but im a stoner and i forget shit.
    i feed em water every few days, when they get "too dry"
    id say every other watering, i nute em.
    but only at like 1/2 strength i guess.
  5. Sounds like your doing alright. If your 5 to 6 wks in then I would say your fine. Sounds and looks like it will be ready in 2 or 3 more weeks. Check your trichs with a magnifying glass to be sure. You will want to stop giving nutes the last 2 wks before you harvest. A lot more of your leaves will probably yellow. This is normal. Look around at other peoples grows who are ready or close to harvest and you will notice how yellow the leaves are.

  6. im about 4 weeks out from harvest, i think, it may be longer..

    if ALL the fan leafs end up falling off, it'll still finish, right ?
    wont the leafs around the actual buds keep em alive ?
  7. That is exactly what happens. The bud leaves will sustain it. Most strains like a lot of nutes while flowering. I'd say next time push the nutes full strength. Work your way up from 1/2 to 3/4 to 100%. Feed every other watering. Probably end up being once a week they will get nutes and once a week they will get just water. So you'd be watering them twice a week.

    Other than that they look really good!:hello:
    At least you are spot on with your diagnosis of an N deficiency. It's just not a problem, just normal.:D
  8. Yep yep. Good advice dude. I forgot to mention he might want to up his dosage on the nutes.

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