Nitrogen Def - Is it too Early to Rewater! w/Pics

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  1. I believe one of my plants all of a sudden is developing a Nitrogen Deficiency.

    She was watered 2 days ago (no nutes last watering), and at this point I am on a 4 day schedule, so my question is -> Do I water again (with nutes), or would I be over watering?

    • 5th Week of Flowering
    • PH is balanced before every water and sits in the 6.3 - 6.7 range.
    • FF Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom are the Nutes I am using at 1/2 Strength and only Every Other Watering.
    • Temp is 78 - 80 degrees
    • Humidity 45% - 50%

    Not sure how well it shows in the pics, but the yellowing starts at the ends of the leaves and is working itself toward the Stem.

    What do I do at this point? :confused:

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  2. Well if it really is in the 5th week of flowering, that would mean you are pretty close to being done right?

    You don't want to use any nutes when you are close to harvest or else you might get a really harsh smoke.

    But other than that, it is also natural for the plant to yellow its leaves while flowering.

    I would try to wait it out before watering again... I've been in this situation and I hate it. I watered again, and back then i'm pretty sure it hurt more than helped.
  3. I believe I am only half way through flowering, so I think its a little early to stop Nutes and for the leaves to start yellowing and dying off (at least this drastic). This seemed to happen within the last couple of days.
  4. What is the flowering time for your strain? It is completely normal to have N deficiency late in flower. I wouldn't go crazy trying to fix it. Maybe add a little Grow Big to your next feed if you have it.
  5. Thanks for the feedback... This is a 9 Week Flowering Strain, so we are not late into flower. About halfway.. I have been giving it nutes every other watering.. The last watering was a NO nute water.
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    Tiger bloom and Big Bloom are both low in N. Get some Cha Ching if you want to stick with Fox Farms. You can use until the end of flower. I believe it is 9-45-19 or something like that. It is good stuff.

    I wouldn't feed again now to compensate. Wait until your next feed either way.

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