Nitrogen Burn After Adding Molasses

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  1. Heres some background. I've been flowering for about 3 weeks now, after vegging probably much longer than I needed to (like 2 months). So my plants are all around 40" or so. So my one plant in particular seemed need Nitrogen for a while, and the other two also but to a lesser extent. After I noticed, I bought some gauno and started adding some of that to the guano I already had for flowering. This is around the first week of flowering. I didn't really seem much of an improvement, if any, between now and then, and recently, a lot more leaves have been turning yellow and falling off. I think it could be due to the heat though, as the outdoor temperatures have risen and I so the whole house gets a lot hotter.

    Anyway, so I figured something was wrong if my nutrients weren't getting absorbed, which is what I figured was happening. So I figured I'd give them a flush, and decided to add some molasses too since I hadn't used any in a while. I decided to be technical about it, so I looked up how much to use and found someone who said 1 tbs per gallon, but I'm wondering if they meant 1 tsp. Either way, now my plants have what looks like nitrogen burn. The raven claw leaves and the burned tips...
    Is this because of the molasses or because the plant is finally absorbing the guano nutrients? I do believe that I've stunted their growth as at first they grew a lot but they haven't grown much recently. I also wonder if its the limitation of the pots their in.
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  2. You flushed your organics?
    Anyway, guano releases nitrogen when it breaks down so use it sparingly. What I do is brew it in my compost tea to cycle the nutrients before applying it. Save your molasses for compost teas, it's much more effective than just pouring it into your soil.
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