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    This is a separation from My First Grow Ever! Journal and will focus specifically on Nitro Lemon Haze.

    I will be updating this main post each time I make a new sub post. This will allow the ability to view it all in one instead of spread out everywhere. I will be linking each of the logs from now on to it's matching post.

    Total Light: 184W
    Temperature: 74-91°F
    Humidity: 20-33%
    Airflow: 6 scrap PC fans
    Dimensions: 2' x 8" x 4'

    10 x Nitro Lemon Haze (Fem) ($51) MSNL

    4 x Outlet Box Lamp Holder $5.96
    4 x Twin-Socket Lamp Holder Adapter $9.92
    4 x 6500K 23W CFL $9.94
    4 x 2700K 23W CFL $9.94
    1 x API Freshwater Deluxe pH Test Kit $14.17
    1 x FoxFarm Ocean Forest $13.08
    Total Cost: $63.01 + Seeds = $114.01

    Need to Get:
    Cool-mist Humidifier: $20-30
    1 Gal Fabric Pot
    3 Gal Fabric Pot
    5 Gal Fabric Pot
    300W Mars Hydro or DIY COB LED
    You tell me!

    Time Log:
    - Nitro Lemon Haze (Fem)
    08/05/17 04:20 PM - Germination!!! || Day 1
    08/06/17 11:00 AM - Planted
    08/07/17 10:00 PM - Replanted Seeds
    08/08/17 04:20 PM - Stopped Growing
    Failed Restarting

    08/08/17 09:00 PM - Germination || Day 1
    08/09/17 10:00 PM - Soaked soil for new seed
    08/10/17 09:30 AM - Planted germinated seed
    08/11/17 08:00 PM - Sprouted
    08/12/17 10:00 AM - First set of leaves
    08/13/17 09:00 PM - Some growth
    08/14/17 12:00 PM - More growth || Day 7
    08/15/17 03:00 PM - Watered
    08/16/17 07:00 AM - She seems happy
    08/17/17 10:30 AM - Growing up nicely
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    Nitro Lemon Haze

    $44.00 Was $88.10 Save 50%

    The turbo-charged sativa dominant Nitro Lemon Haze feminized offers unrivalled flavour, big yields and a flowering time of just 8-10 weeks. The short flowering time and strong yields make this one of the quickest sativa dominant strains on the market.

    Reaching a manageable height of 100-110cms Nitro Lemon Haze is suited to both indoor and outdoor setups. Yields upwards of 650g/m2 (indoors) and significantly more outdoors, make this a viable commercial strain. It does well in both soil and hydro setups, with soil heightening the distinct and citrus flavour. The smoke and high is one of the best available! It starts mellow and psychoactive, settling into a deep and long-lasting body buzz. The highly pleasurable citrus flavour is instantly noticeable on the first toke, with sweet candy and skunk mixed in for good measure. Nitro Lemon Haze is the super-fast sativa that's sure to be a future classic.

    Tasting Notes:
    Fresh, sharp citrus flavors mixed with a grassy earth undertone bust from the leaves and flowers when they are touched, making harvesting and trimming a pungent experience. As the buds dry and cure, much of the grassy scent disappears leaving a warmer more herbal undertone to the Lemon scents. The taste is as expected, an instant burst of sweet candied lemons. The smoke gives a very motivational creative buzz that makes you want to get up and do stuff, even if that is only playing video games!

    THC CONTENT--------------------19-22%
    FLOWERING TIME---------------8-10 WEEKS
    PLANT HEIGHT------------------MEDIUM 3'3" - 5'9"
    YIELD-------------------------------400-500 g/m2

    Nitro Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds for Sale – High Quality Buy Online
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    DIY Chip-On-Board(COB) LED

    Power Supply:
    Mean Well LPC-60-1050 || 1.05A at 39V using 40.95W || $14.00
    Mean Well LPC-100-2100 || 2.1A at 39V using 81.9W
    Mean Well LPC-150-2800 || 2.8A at 39V using 109.2W

    LED: Cree CXB3070 $26.63
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    -Nitro Lemon Haze (Fem)
    08/05/17 04:20 PM - Germination!!!

    Super excited that I got my seeds today! No more messing around it's time I kick things into high gear!

    My First Grow Ever! Journal
  6. Suggest you DELETE the stealth photos..Lots of Coppers watch this forum.
    BTW: What's up with the Reserved posts?
    Also, if you got your NLH from MSNL, please keep us posted. I started one 4 weeks ago and it looks anything but Sativa leaning IMHO!
    (the plant on the right side)
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  7. Yeah it's common curtesy to keep stealth packaging a secret.
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  8. No, I mean no one else should know what stealth methods are used by the seed banks! THAT'S WHY!!!
  9. I had updated my post I had misread your post is all.

    Grow journal
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  10. The stealth was so bad ass though lol. I deleted them anyway in respect to MSNL. I'm okay with them being short my space is very limited. Its only suppose to be 100cm-180cm so a short sativa. I didn't mean to make so many reserved posts I got carried away lol
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  12. I did remove them and you quoting them completely ruins it man.
  13. BTW: I would get a DIY COB over the Mars Hydro..In fact I would take a Meizhi over the Mars as well (I have 2 450 Meizhis and they kicked ass last grow..(My 1st) The hanging lights in the Picture were a DIY LED Light Bulb thing I made for side lights.
    5-24-17  Before the Flush.jpg
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  14. Is that Nitro Lemon Haze?? Its beautiful!
  15. Thank you! NO, those are actually 4 plants! (Got carried away too! LOL)
    00 Kush on the right, Gorilla Wreck#4 in the rear, Acapulco Gold (bagseed) on the left, and Big Easy OG in front..Never thought all would survive..LMAO.
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  17. Should be no problem.. I do put little DIY humidity domes on them until they break ground..As soon as that happens, the domes come off to avoid mold and/or rot.

    The tap root will turn and point itself downwards. It is amazing how much strength these things have, even in the germination stage!
    ..I usually plant mine sideways AFTER they crack open. I stopped using the paper towel method for a while and lost a couple, so I went back to it. I do not wait for the tap root to get any longer than a little white speck before I put them in soil. I only drop them say 1/8 inch below the soil too.. I have returned to my 100% success rate that way.
    I noticed that you use translucent cups inside an opaque cup..I only do that when planting a clone.
    After my seedling's leaves reach the outer lip of the cup, it is time to transplant..(drip line).
    I only use opaque cups for the seeds though.
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  18. Fuck I knew that I was forgetting something! I just put the little domes on them. Also I just like seeing the roots that's why I use clear.

    My First Grow Ever! Journal
    Nitro Lemon Haze - First Grow

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