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  1. ok...wel i was visitin my gran tday and i kinda raided her pill cupboard (shes got boxed and boxed of lotsa diff pills) and i caught a glimpse of nitrazepam 5mg. automaticly i knew they were benzos and having tried diazepam(valium) before i decided to jack a box + a few extras. 33 in total. searched erowid and couldnt really find much..their prescribed for insomia and anxiety but i wanna know zactly what kinda trip i should expect from certain doses..popped one and it kinda jus made me reel sleepy like my first blue(diazepam 10mg) so im guna try poppin two tomoro before school (hehe) so does anyone know anythin bout em? ill post a pic in a bit, jus gotta get em all out and *snap*. :wave: :smoking:
  2. heres the pics:

    :hello: :smoking:

    im guna pop another jus now and go watch a movie with the family...if i dont pass out ill post again :)

  3. you stole pills from your grandma? thats lame
  4. Damn where does your grandma go to get those. They look like theyre from mexico. I wouldnt feel bad about stealin pills your grandma bought. She would have a script if she actually needed them
  5. theyr prescription and shell jus thnk shes lost em and get more..what evil bastards guna deny an old lady a decent sleep? not any doctor i know. hehe.

  6. If she's not poor, then I don't see that much wrong with it.
  7. nah man shes not poor, she had like 20+ boxes of cocetamol(8/500 codeine/paracetamol) and she takes lotsa pharms and shes diabetic so that means insulin shots. honestly tho, what doctor is guna think shes abusin tranqs? she had two boxes in view so i jacked 1 box and a few pills out the other. shel proly jst think shes lost em and she wudnt assume i stole em. shell get more easily whereas i couldnt get em as my shrink/dr is very reluctant to prescribe be anythin cos he knows i take drugs and he dont think theyll do me any good. im jus gna use em when im dry or when i cant sleep(90% of the time) so its a win-win situation. she gets em free anyway obv so theyr prescription. :smoking: popped another 5 mins ago, startn to feel kinda slow n trippy. laterz :yummy:
  8. thx herbs. +rep for investigation skillz :)
    feelin kinda sleepy now so ima watch this 'wolf creek' dvd and goto bed. peace yall :smoking:
  9. I suppose they work just like Valium, because it is also an anti-anxiety pill. Valium is one of my favorite drugs. I take some and then smoke and I feel great.

  10. your dumb

    give them back

  11. I didn't read the rest of the posts.
    Those boxes are free samples though.
    Doctors love forking those bitches out.

  12. 33 of them

    that is wrong.....I would never steal from my gramma
  13. wow, ha...i don't even know what to say... i guess free samples are ok to steal, even though it's the principle of the thing, perhaps i should read the rest of the posts, but that whole thing just struck me, as....well.....sad
  14. reminds me of another thread about someone stealing 2 ozs of weed from a kid at gunpoint...

    now i know this is a bit different - no gun was involved, and no one was psychologically harmed (unless granny really needed those pills to get by) but...

    stealing is wrong. next time you ever get something stolen from you, remember this.

    it is even more wrong to take advantage of your gran - because she is too old to realize they are gone? fucked up.

    and, it doesn't matter how she got them, if they were free, if she's poor, if she got them from mexico without a script.... taking something that is not yours is still stealing regardless of how the owner came to own it. it doesn't make it less dispicable.

    there will come a time in your life when you are at the mercy of somebody else and you will need to trust and rely on another person. let's hope that person makes more ethical choices than you did.
  15. i agree... kinda low...

    smoke a joint when you pop 1... youll feel DAMN good. then pass out 5 mis later.
  16. Dude, you stole from your grandmother. Not cool, not cool at all.


    the doc will just give them more when the bottle is empty .. old people are so trusting like someone said whos gonna acuse an oldie of abusing them.. and even if they are fuck it there in pain they can get w/e they want.. u guys kno if u saw a bottle of fuckin oxy cottin (even if u dont do them) ud take some and sell them if u dont pop them yourself.. dont even deny it

  18. so that means stealing from a major company is ok because they will still turn a profit by the end of the year? Stealing is just wrong to begin with not to mention this thread makes us pot heads look like were fucking druggies who are just searching for a fix---
  19. I wasn't saying it was right, I was just saying those are what the boxes are. And the doctors do love forking them out. But that still doesn't matter. I was just stating (cuz i get free samples all the time; so i know), not putting my ethical viewpoint in on it.

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