nito's sunday (w/ visual stimulation)

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  1. Well happy lazyday to all of ya. I just got up a few hours ago and Im stalling on a history paper so I figured I'd make a thread cause....well....I havent made on in a while. Its a bluebird day in VT. Sun's out, 24 degrees F and my house's heat is warmin' nicely. Cleaned my double bub on friday, but I didnt get to use it all day saturday because I had to work a 12hour V-Day shift deliverin' bouquets to all you happy couples. blah. So needles to say, I'm breaking it out this morning.


    Diffy stem into a stemless. he rumbles.

    Well I apologize for not having a nug shot because I dont own a high quality digi cam like the rest of you do, but my macbook cam tried to scope the packed B. Its some no name headies. Really well grown/trimmed, dense, and oh yea, crystalyy. $55 a slice, really clean aroma, mild taste.


    tried to get a milk shot, but the rush is kinda on an awkward spot to hold and work a lighter (yea i know, i need a better heating element). I still think its decent.



    have a good one guys :wave:
  2. siiick!!!!!!! awesome piece
  3. Sick bubbler man. Looks like some nice thick glass. And that bowl is size awesome.
  4. I want to hit that bub now...nice piece/milk!
  5. Lovin the Jerry Curl

  6. haha, just got out of the shower. ain't no jerry juice!
  7. are you still dating topanga?

    (boy meets wordl reference)

  8. its a party bowl for sure. this pipe eats weed so it needs a big pack.

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