Nissan Sentra

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  1. Who in the City drives a Sentra? I'm probably going to buy one this week used it is an 08 with a lot of miles on it but I'm going to get a pretty good deal on it. It is in awesome shape and looks almost new. Just wondering what you guys think about Nissans reliability and repair costs. Thanks for the help.
  2. If I were you I would find an older altima v6/maxima, the VQ is fun as shit and will last forever. Example, my 2000 maxima se, vq30de-k engine, 5 spd, 112K miles and runs like new. Only cost $5,000. I only say this because you say you are getting a high mileage car anyway, so why not go up the ladder a bit for the same price. Overall nissans are very reliable cars and my maxima which i bought as a beater has never had a problem, took the beating of me learning stick and then learning stick. Can't really go wrong with any nissan, unless you throw a fart can on it.
  3. Nissans are great. Very reliable cars and if properly maintained can reach 300K miles. Parts for Nissan are cheap too. Good choice IMHO. Nissan or Toyota ftw.
  4. Thanks for the response guys. Glad to hear that Nissan's are reliable, my current car although I love it is unreliable and costs a fortune to fix. I would like to go with a bit more performance but I also need the good MPGs that the Sentra has.

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